Friday, November 6, 2009

Ok, so everyone seems to have one. I just figured it was about time I tried it out. Yes, I'm blogging! I may be the only one who actually ever sees this. When I first got on Facebook it freaked me out. It still kind of does but not so much. I guess I'll do this and see how far it goes. I'm a homeschooling mom now for about 8 years. Wow, I can't believe that. I have a teen, a pre-teen & a pre-schooler. Lots of fun. We just started a co-op this year and are really loving it. Meeting new friends & learning with new teachers with a different way of doing things. That is ALWAYS good. Some times we find ourselves in a rut and we need something different to send us into a different direction.

I'm married to a wonderful man for 16+ years. He works hard so we can stay home.

We are journeying into the world of chickens soon!! Most of us are excited. I must say our teen really isn't. His comment to me was "We are going to be ONE OF THEM!!!". I really had to laugh at that. Hopefully I'll have pictures soon to post. If anyone comes across this and has any tips, I'm open to hearing them!!