Thursday, October 7, 2010

1/2 a World Away..........

This week has been a little rough. My DH had to go to Japan for work. Ok, that is really cool huh? He is spending a whole week there. They went sightseeing and they are really getting treated to the culture there. He says that they are very Americanized and on the menus in the restaurants they have American food as well as traditional Japanese food.

In case you didn't know, Japan is 13 hours ahead of us. So, while his flight out was 17 hours, his flight back will only be 3 hours :-) On paper that is. So, when we are waking up he is just going to bed. When he is going to bed? We are waking up. I have been like a little kid trying to get to the computer early enough to catch him on instant messaging or Skype. Really, a little kid!! I even put off my workouts to chat with him. For those of you who know me, that means alot!! I'm not used to him being so far away. When he travels it's usually just in the states. For some reason that isn't as stressful for me.

He has been incommunicado the past 2 days because they went on to Marioka, Japan. I guess there is no interet or anything for him to use. It will be nice to talk with him when he wakes up tonight.

I'm hoping this cold I have will go away when he gets back. My oldest & I got sick while he was gone and I would hate for him to get back here and then get sick. Now, that wouldn't be a very nice homecoming would it??