Monday, June 16, 2014

Mom Brag Time.

I am blessed.  This is my son leading worship Sunday morning.  It was the Sunday between VBS weeks so he played acoustic with our keyboard player.  Amazing.  Amazing.  I could listen to him sing & play forever. 

Proud Mama Moment.  Thanks for indulging me :)

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Insanity is Insanity

I began my Insanity journey at the beginning of January of this year.  After my 1st 30 days though I ended up having surgery for an incision hernia.  That, of course, stopped Insanity for a little while.  I ended up just going back to my faves - Turbofire & Chalean Extreme. 

It wasn't until I realized that Shaun T had made me not really like him in about 30 days time & I was afraid to go back to it!!  No joke!!

I began this process again about 37 days ago........

The 1st 30 days of Insanity is 6 days of high intensity workouts.  Going about 3-4 minutes at top speed then resting for about 30 seconds while he taught you another circuit OR you repeated the circuit you just did.  My favorite of the 1st 30 is Pure Cardio.  After the warm up & stretch you go until it's time to cool down.  Non-stop with a new move every minute.  LOVE LOVE.

Oh - side note - is there ANY warm up that you can burn 100 calories in 10 minutes?  Seriously legit folks. 

Ok, after the initial 30 I get to have a WONDERFUL recovery week and did Cardio Core & Balance for 6 days.  Did I say wonderful?  I absolutely LOVE that one!  It's cardio but not the high intense stuff of the first 30.  It's also core & balance (um, as the title says) and let me tell you.  My hip flexors & obliques were talking to me after the 1st 2 days for sure. 

So, this is me the eve before I start the next 30 days of Insanity. These workouts will be 60 minutes long.  I had been hybriding the beginning 30 with ChaLEAN Extreme so I had my weight work still.  I'm hoping I can still do that.  We shall see. 

I am a little afraid - I must admit.  But I will finish what I started this time.  I have a 6 day break in the middle that I will be away for a bit.  I'm already figuring out my plan.  It won't be Insanity but I can still be insane right?

Have you even done Insanity or Asylum?  I would love to hear your take on them! I started out with Shaun T & Hip Hop Abs.  He was so nice then!  What in the world happen ;)

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Not So Perfect Housewife: High Maintenance Eater ~ Am I Vegan or Vegetarian ...

My friend over at The Not So Perfect Housewife shares a bit about our "High Maintenance" diets. 

The Not So Perfect Housewife: High Maintenance Eater ~ Am I Vegan or Vegetarian ...: This morning my friend and I were out on our regular Friday morning walk, and .. as it usually does.. our topic of conversation turned to ...