Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Save the DRAMA for your MAMA

Heehee.  Ok, I remember hearing that for the first time at some Little League game.  I thought it was pretty funny.  But seriously, that is the first thing I thought of recently when there was some drama in my life.  It's one thing to have something happen that is upsetting.  It's another thing to see it played out on some social media network (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc).  Along the lines of stress I would say steer clear of those that chose to focus on the bad stuff & seem to need the "likes" and comments "poor you" etc. 

I have found that with the kind of person I am I need to purposefully make myself NOT click on certain things so I don't see the next comment to come.  As much as I don't like confrontation I would much prefer to talk things over & get past it than to ignore things & draw them out.

I am a prayer and love to see how God works in situations like this.  What about you?  How do you deal with the dramatic people in your life?  Do you let them get to you or can you move on & not give it another thought?  I'm really interested!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rat talk

I think we all get this.  It's something in your head sometimes that just isn't talking real nice to ya :)  Yes I just said I hear voices ha!! 

There was a person in my life growing up that thought it was funny to use the term "thunder thighs".  Well, that has stuck with me & causes more of that "rat talk".  When I saw this picture I realized how positive that phrase could be!  I needed to share it.

How do you change the negative thoughts into positive?   Would love to hear!!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

A little dinner HELP please!

Ok, I'm putting out a call.  Well, more like a scream, out there to my blog friends.  How do you plan your meals (dinner) for the week?  Do you just do a week or more at a time?  How do you do it?   I have gotten some suggestions but for some reason they just haven't worked for me.  So, I'm coming to you.  Please, please comment & let me know what you do to plan our families meals. 

I REALLY appreciate it.  My husband will too :)
Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Check out this blog & video.  Shows what happens with processed food & non-processed food in our bodies.  Couple things got me about this.  1st the color of the gatorade & also the petroleum in the foods?  We are talking about OIL like in CARS!!  Ewwww.......

Be Blessed & Healthy!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Busy life!

Every time I get on the computer thinking I'm going to update my blog, something happens.  I have so many started that need to be finished.  Can't do that without some research though :)  Need to make sure I have my facts straight!

Just to update a few things.  Today 2 of my kids & I went to help with Kids Against Hunger at the school affiliated with our church.  What an experience!!  This year they were packaging macaroni & cheese.  There is a very particular way of doing this too.  The bags with all the ingredients could only weigh between 12.3 - 12.5 oz.  They all got a package of "Cheese & Vitamins", 1/2 cup soy protein & about a cup and a half of macaroni.  They had to be weighed then the bag sealed, stamped & boxed.  There were so many children helping.  Happily helping!  The boy next to me said he LOVES this time of year when they do this at his school. My 6 yr old daughter said she got to do almost all the stations they had.  Even the bag sealer.  She is very proud of herself.  She said she helped to feed the homeless & hungry.  She also made a friend in the process.  My 13 yr old (almost anyway) had fun seeing friends & helping.  He got to be a "team leader".  What a privilege & he knew it.

This week was rough with my workouts.  Kept them up (like I wouldn't workout - what a drug for me!) but I seem to have strained a muscle (or 2) in my inner thigh.  Then when I figured I would do my P90X yoga to try to stretch a bit I pulled the muscle in my back.  I need to remember that my back does NOT like shoulder stands!!  It was worth it though.  By the next morning I was feeling better. 

Have you tried any of the P90X workouts?  The YogaX is 90 minutes long & awesome.  Probably the best Yoga DVD workout I have experienced & own :)

Be Blessed & Healthy!!