Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bob Harper DVD's 5$!!!

He is doing it again!!  Bob Harper is selling his DVD's for 5$.  Seriously folks!  These are AWESOME workouts!  The main workout is about an hour but he has put a bonus workout on each DVD that is either 10 or 20 minutes.   Don't miss you on this GREAT deal!!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Favorites - resistance bands

These are GREAT for taking on trips!!  I remember a couple years ago going away & I had a bag that was atleast 26lbs with some of my weights in it.  I think the bellman almost wrenched his back!! 

I love these bands.  They come in different resistance levels.   Don't get me wrong they don't take the place of my weights on a regular basis but these are worth every penny spent on them.  I have a few workouts that use them & I love finding new exercises I can do with them.   The resistance band with handles is quite handy too!!  You can find that one at Walmart for under 10$ I believe.

Have you ever used resistance bands?  Tell me how you used them.

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favorite - Weights

Ok, I realize this might be a no-brainer.  I LOVE my weights.  When my kids "borrow" them I get a little twitchy.  It's important to have different sizes because you will want to lift heavier as you get stronger.   The dark green on the right are 1 & 5#'s.  I have 3, 5, 8 & 10 here & my son has a set of 15# that I "borrow" from time to time :) 

I have seen weights called Select-A-Weight that is pretty much just that.  You just pick the size you want & it adjusts the weights on the bar.  Very cool.  Very expensive. 

Tell me something YOU just love to use during a workout. 

Oh - a side note - when my daughter plays with her animals the weights make GREAT fences for them.  Fun!!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Favorite - Log Book

Years ago I decided to have an accountability partner for my workouts.  It helps a few ways.  For one, there is NO slacking if you have a good accountability partner!  She keeps me honest for sure.  Second, it helps me see I'm making progress.  I have also found that when I injure myself I can make notes about that as well & that comes in handy. 

I have since started a log that I write in each day (you can purchase a caledar with space enough to write in or just use a regular notebook).  What workout I do, if I don't do a workout, if I get hurt or something is feeling crampy during that workout.  There have been times I realize I may have focused more on cardio or strength training too & need to readjust things. 

So, here is my Friday favorite.  My fitness log book.  Just like writing down what we are eating all day long (including snacks) it's important to keep a log of workouts if you don't stick with one program in particular.  I also put down how the workout felt.  If I pushed it.  If I felt particularly challenged with it.  Don't forget, if you are using weights, write down what you used.  That way the next time you do that workout you can see your progress

I hope to start writing down the calories I burned during my workouts too. 

Tell me something you do to help hold you accountable.

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Favorites

Just thought I would share some of my favorite things with you.  I visited a wonderful blog the other day that was doing her 5 favorite things that made me think about doing this.  I think I'll try to do one a week.  Don't want to over whelm ya!

I would love to know what YOUR favorite things are. 

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!

These are my go-to workouts right now.  I LOVE trying new ones & when I got these I went NUTS.  Bob Harper runs $5 specials every so often & I will tell you from experience - they are worth it!!  He is challenging & I see results.  I love that I can rotate with my Beachbody workouts as well. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Too Busy for Workouts?

The day starts off with you running in different directions?  You opted to sleep until the very last minute til the alarm clock buzzed?  Then you find yourself back at home and it's lunch time.  You are still running.  Making lunches, doing dishes, cleaning, etc, etc, etc.  Sound familiar?  Yep, I know it.

One of the things I strive to do is workout 6 days a week.  Doesn't matter WHAT I do but I need to do something to get my heart going faster than usual :)  I will give myself an extra day off during the week if I need to but...... 

So, you find your day looking crazy & you just can't get the time to workout.  What can you do?  For one thing don't look at working out as WORK.  I realize there are so many that just don't like exercising.  There has to be something that you like to do.  Walk, skip, jump rope.  Play with your kids outside.  Even take them to the playground & follow them around!  Don't sit on the bench and watch.  There are so many things you can do but the main thing is get moving.

For me today was one of those days like I wrote above.  Just crazy busy.  Running errands for myself & others.  I didn't get my early morning workout in because I did choose to get those few minutes longer in before the alarm went off.  My plan?  Do get a workout in tonight when the kids go to bed.  Something simple but something that will challenge my body like I'm used to doing. 

Don't give up.  Get started & keep going.  You are so worth it! 

Remember some of the hardest working out you will do is in the kitchen.  Staying out would be the hardest huh?  I do know that feeling.  Just like exercising on a regular basis will become addictive   more of a habit - so will staying out of the kitchen or avoiding the downfalls.  You can do it!!

I would love to hear from you.  Tell me a positive thing you did for yourself today or in the past week that was a healthy choice.

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Motivational Monday

What are you waiting for?  Don't set a start date - START NOW.  Know matter WHAT you do - you will be doing something!  Do it for your loved ones!  Do it for YOU!!  You matter!!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!