Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Aches & Pains

We all get them.  Even fit & healthy people have those aches & pains right?

I have some that seem to just like to get better & come back.  Plantar Fascitis anyone?  Muscle pulls?  Anyone else hold all their stress in their shoulders & neck? 

Yeah, I keep saying that my chiropractor (Dr Jen) & athletic trainer friend (Coach John) both help keep me moving.  This is really no joke. 

I am learning so much about how the body works through my own issues and this is empowering.  Why in the world would we want to go to someone & just have them give us meds without finding out WHY these things are happening & try to change them first.  (I do realize meds are important for many different things.)  I had someone recently tell me that I wasn't doing the right thing for myself by not going on meds for some lower back pain I was having.  Well, I went the route of finding out WHAT was causing the pain first.  Then I called my 2 favorite people (mentioned above).  They both had their suggestions.  As I talked with them I realized something.  All my tight muscles & pain problems are happening up the right side of my body.  I am also realizing my core is not as strong as I thought it was.  (Core being from your hips up to your chest -- NOT JUST ABS) 

I went & got some great stretches to do & some good exercises as well.   It's not an overnight fix but nothing worth it is really.  I want to have a healthy, strong body and I know this route is the right one for me.  

So, lower back pain?  Let's check those hamstrings & glutes, etc & make sure we are stretching after workouts.  Lower back pain?  Let's see what we are doing to strengthen that core. 

I feel extremely blessed to have these 2 people I can go to & talk with about what is happening with me.  They know how much I love to run & workout & they tell things to me straight.  They know I want to learn so I can not only help myself but help others that may need it too. 

Don't take your body for granted.   Ask questions.  If you aren't comfortable with an answer get a 2nd opinion.  It's YOUR body. 

Do you have a recurring injury?  

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Miles for Melanoma

I don't know that there is anyone that Cancer hasn't touched.

Both my Grandmas had it.  My father-in-law had it.  My cousin had it.  Friends have had it.

Let's be a little more specific though.  What about Melanoma?  A deadly skin cancer.

I have a good friend that had it - Stage 3C.  I say had it and I mean she is BEATING IT!!  

Her story is here:

When I say she is a fighter that is putting it mildly.  She continues to have to go through the hell of blood work, port and all kinds of testing & then having to wait for the results to come back.  The experimental drugs they used to beat this demon has kicked her endocrine system in the butt.  Please go & read her story.  It is truly amazing.

Now on to why I'm writing about this amazing friend & warrior.  On September 21st they are having the "Miles for Melanoma".  You can walk, run or crawl but would you join me please in walking or running for my friend Sandy "Sandy's Warriors" or someone else that is fighting or fought this horrid disease?
2013 Sandy's Warriors -- Miles for Melanoma

Would you consider registering & running or walking & raising money OR maybe you could help but  giving a monetary donation?  Please see her donation site:

Please join me as I support my friend & honor all those who have fought & won & fought & lost their battles.  We can help end this horrid disease.  Let's do what we can.

My fundraising page is:

Be Blessed & Live Healthy and please DON'T FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN.  EVERY DAY.  RAIN OR SHINE!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Food Glorious Food!!

Is anyone singing that now in their minds? 

But anyway, Easter was yesterday and I am so happy to tell you about it.

Since realizing there are so many other foods I can't eat I have been trying to figure out what that means for me.  I won't change anything for my family but I do have to say they are leaning more & more toward healthy eating.  (Hubby doesn't have a problem with healthy eating. He loves it - just to be clear :)  )

I was roasting lots of veggies & my daughter went in & nearly finished what I thought would be a few days worth!  How can someone be upset about THAT!!?? 

Back to Easter - Easter in my house consisted of chocolate filled plastic eggs that Grandma & Grandpa hid for the kids.  The turkey my son got hunting a few weeks ago.  A store-bought ham (because for some it's just traditional to have ham on Easter).  Corn casserole (seriously I think this is the stuff that put my initial weight on in the first place. Oh my YUMMILICIOUS  Now?  Can't eat it.)  Carrots with a sprinkle of brown sugar.  Tossed salad (with my homemade Lemon-Thyme salad dressing).  Mashed pots with gravy (2 kinds because that is just how we roll).  Dessert?  Oh my really?  Coconut cake (in the shape of a lamb - it's quite cute).  GF Angel food cake with fresh berries.  GF biscuits.

Did you just gain 20lbs reading that? 

As I sat at the table enjoying the company we had I realized I was REALLY happy & quite content with the food I was able to eat.  I wasn't feeling deprived that I couldn't eat some of that.  I had my veggie plate & salad & did a happy dance (mostly with the GF biscuit if you must know).  I did indulge in the Angel food cake & berries.  (another happy dance & had seconds but really, who is counting??)  I walked away from the table & felt good.  I didn't feel deprived but I also wasn't feeling sick, bloated, have that burning feeling in my throat that, come to find out, was part of the allergic reaction I was having to some foods. 

It can be done.  I would never wish food (or any) allergies on anyone but honestly we have ourselves thinking we just can't live without certain things.  I have had people telling me I will have to start eating meat now because of all the foods I can't eat anymore.  I don't think so.  I get my protein.  It's just coming from a different source than meat. 

We really benefit from feeding our bodies healthy & clean.  I know it's hard.  I'm not talking about organic.  Which would be ideal for those that can do that.  I'm just talking about getting your veggies & fruits.  I'm saying that cutting down on the processed, sugar filled, refined stuff out there will only be good for you & your family. 

You know this right?  I'm not surprising you with this right? 
How awesome would be be to have our kids & families going for the carrot sticks or apple slices for that crunchy or sweet craving they are having?  We can do this.  As a Mom I know I make a big impression on my kids.  They see me working out & eating healthy.   Be the role model your family & friends need.  They will thank you for it!!

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My new food journey

It's been about a week since finding out some new foods I am not able to eat.  I have to admit to feeling a little sorry for myself after getting this news. 

As I came out of THAT little pity party I realized I needed to get back to basics.  Veggies, most fruits & beans.  From here I will start adding things I know are safe.  I am perusing a new Vegan cookbook that I can adapt to gluten free.  I will share that soon :)

Tonight's dinner (and tomorrow's too!) is Veggie Chili & roasted veggies.  These are SO easy & probably different every time I make them but truly that is the fun part for me.

I am loving picking out the fresh veggies & just chopping away & putting different seasonings on them.  My family is enjoying them too.  The first night my daughter almost ate all my roasted cauliflower!!  Ok, seriously,  like THAT is a problem.  Heehee.

So this is me.  Trying to figure out how I can eat & still enjoy it.

I would love some of your favorite recipes!!  I am thinking I could adjust them & make them Imperfectly Pamela ready.  Would you share? Either here or on Facebook @ Imperfectly Pamela

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!!

Roasted veggies with S&P & garlic & some olive oil.  Bake in oven on 425 until brown. 

Veggie Chili - Imperfectly Pamela style.