About Me

I'm Pamela. I have a wonderful & patient husband and 3 wonderful children. AW is a full blown teenager, M is on his way to being that and my little one, Princess Evie is 5.

I'm a stay at home mom but honestly don't know why it's called that. I'm in the car most of the time driving my children to different places. We have homeschooled for 9 years. We will be graduating our 1st in 2 years and we are just starting to homeschool our youngest. So many have said "I could never homeschool my children". Well, take it from me, yes you can!! I said the same thing when my son was in preschool & all my friends were talking about homeschooling. Here we are, homeschooling & loving it. There are so many things to help you out there. When I hear the things going on in schools today it makes me happier I have them here with me.

I have many things I'm passionate about and will love sharing with you but most of all it's exercise & eating right. I'm not a professional although who knows what God has planned for me! I'm learning so much about what it takes to make a body healthy and I hope to share some of that with you.

I realize there are times that the rest of the family is NOT into the changes we make in the way we eat (HATE the word "diet) and exercise. My husband was happy I was striving to get healthy and never balked at what I was doing & trying. As long as I didn't take him with me :) to an extent. When I stopped eating red meat, chicken & pork he made sure I wasn't planning that for the whole family. I don't force my views on anyone else, or atleast I try not to. The ones I'm adamant about my family knows and they do their best to honor me with my request of them steering clear of certain things (i.e. fast food garbage & that stuff they call soda :P ) For the record, I am gluten-free, dairy free, I try to be sugar free (refined sugar) & meat free (I do eat certain fish & eggs).

I would love to hear your thoughts & ideas as well. Some times things may work for me but not for others. That's when it gets fun trying different things to see what works.