Saturday, May 29, 2010

Do you ever feel this way? Like your world is getting a little upside down & twisted up? Some times that is how I feel. Maybe even a little right now. My family & I have been sick this past week. Head cold mostly. It turned into pneumonia for my oldest. He isn't happy about that. No baseball. So far my middle child hasn't been touched by it. My 4 yr old has been a little miserable but taking it very well. Hubby has sinus problems so this is just exasperating the original problem. Through all this there are so many things to be thankful for really. The ability to go to the store & get medicine. We are all healthy enough that our bodies are fighting this very well. We have a comfortable house to get well in where are beds are comfy and our pillows are very soft :-)

We are also awaiting a phone call saying that Great Grandma (my grandmother) has gone to meet Jesus. She is ready & waiting. She has had a full life & is a wonderful woman. I'm sad for us but happy for her. She has been sick for a little while now and misses my Grandpa terribly. She is the last of her generation in my family. She will be missed for sure.

I just got a call about a special couple that our family has been friends with for a long time (close enough we call them Aunt & Uncle) and they are both battling their own forms of cancer. Gosh, they seem so young to me too! Only in their 60's. They are so full of life.

These things some times cause me to cry out to God and ask WHY?? It makes me remember though that this is not the place for us. Heaven is MY home!! These bodies aren't meant for eternity. Thankfully!! I feel like the more healthy I get the more I fall apart!

My God is so strong & loves me so much. As he does my Grandma & Aunt & Uncle. He knows what we are going through and is there walking along side each of us. He will guide Grandma into Glory and walk with her hand in hand. She will see Grandpa again and will glow like she used to EVEN MORE!!

As I end my post I just want to say this one more thing. Hug your family & friends. Let them know how much you love & care for them. Send them a note (snail mail preferrably) and tell them how special they are. This is such a short time here on earth. Let's make the most of it and share the love that God shares with us unconditionally.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just some stuff

Co-op is over. Mixed feeling about that. I will miss the kids & the mom time I got. I will miss the moms & kids that won't be back next year for sure! I made some great friends there and so did my kids. The dinner at the end was really great to have Andy there to see the work & the people that are all part of it. There is a bit of relief that it's over for now so we can work on our things for the summer that have to be done "without a deadline" -- to quote my teen.

Ever struggle with emotions that run all over the place? Well, I do. I'm sure (positive, in fact) that it drives my family nuts. My prayer has been lately that God would help me to be the mom and wife that He & my family need me to be. I see glimpses of that and it makes me happy. I have been trying to remember when I do see those glimpses to thank God for those moments. He really is SO good.

The emotional mess has created a monster when it comes to eating! Now, don't get me wrong, it's all healthy food but really now. Too much healthy food will even cause the weight to creep up. Even with all the exercising I do!! Yep, put on a pair of my jeans yesterday and wasn't happy at all with the way they fit! This morning started a new day of better choices with my servings, atleast!!

Well, I could ramble on forever.