Saturday, December 6, 2014

Don't hate the player ~ Hate the game: This Blog is Going to Embarrass my Husband

This is a great post from the Blog "Don't Hate the Player - Hate the Game"  Many of us feel this way.  She just put into words what  a lot of women feel.  True stuff folks.

Don't hate the player ~ Hate the game: This Blog is Going to Embarrass my Husband: In the morning, every morning, when my husband Michael first awakes, he rolls over and drapes his long, lean arm across my body.  He nestles...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sleep Study - the (official) results

Saw the sleep study Doc today. 

He informed me I do NOT have Sleep Apnea.  Nope.  My fatigue & everything that has come with it is a mystery to him.  (no joke, that's what he said!).  

He said that one thing the test showed was that I wake up a lot while I'm sleeping.  

Suggestions?  Sleep Hygiene.  Making sure my bedroom is dark, quiet & comfy when I sleep.  If my husband says I snore on my back, do something to make it so I don't go to my back while I'm sleeping. 

He also said he would be happy if I wanted to get a 2nd opinion and to go to someone smarter than he is.  He said the Mayo Clinic or Shands come to mind.  

I am a little frustrated.  I guess I was hoping this test would give me more answers than more questions.  

I won't give up.  Planning on trying different things.  I look forward to a morning when I wake up feeling refreshed & don't feel like I need caffeine in the afternoon to keep me going. 

Do you have a loved one who snores?  What do you do about it?

Be Blessed & Sleep Well!!  

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sleep Study (preliminary) Results

I went, I slept (they tell me) and I left.  I did take a picture but to be completely honest IT IS HORRIBLE.  Therefore it will not make it here.

They put all these things on my scalp & a couple on my face, back, legs.  I was wired!!

The room I was in was like a hotel room.  Very comfy. There was a TV & that was about it. 

I waited for the man who was helping me to finish hooking up his other patient that evening (I had a later bedtime than that other person).  He came in & had an abundance of wires, gel & sticky looking things.  He put various sticky things on my forehead, temples, chin & scalp.  2 on my upper back & 2 on my shins.  I also had 2 straps around my upper chest & upper abdomen.  All these things were hooked up to wires and into a box that would help him monitor me while I slept. 

Ok, so now I am all hooked up (I do have a picture and really am not thinking I will post that.  It is horrid!).  You may wonder how in the WORLD will I be able to sleep.  Yes, I was thinking the same thing.  As well as, how in the WORLD will I be able to use the bathroom in the middle of the night!! 

As I tried to get comfy in bed with all this wiring AND the knowledge that there is a camera on me & an open microphone in the ceiling (so he can hear me if I need anything) I realized that sleep may actually come. 

It did.  I don't feel that I slept as deeply as I would have without all that stuff on me but I am pretty sure I slept a little bit.  The technician told me I did anyway so it must be true.  ;-)

When he came to wake me up in the morning ( I will spare you the trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. )  at 6am he proceeded to remove all the wires & sticky stuff.  He also told me that while I did seem to have a lot of dreams (that I remember NONE of) I didn't have any problems with breathing or anything.  He had over 800 pages of a report that the Doctor would read in a couple days & I will hear from the Doc. 

So, that was my experience.  I came away tired and a little frustrated.  Did I want to have a problem?  No but it would have been nice to have some answers to my fatigue & the snoring/gasping problem my husband says I have at night.

I am going to start checking out some other avenues to figure this one out as well.  Sinus problems & Adrenal Fatigue to name a couple.

I would love to hear from you if you have ever had any problems sleeping that you know of or that your spouse mentioned to you.  What did you do about it?

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Problems Sleeping

I have always been a night owl.  21 years ago I married a guy who loves a bed time of 8-9pm.  I'm more around 11p and sometimes later.  This has always been rough for us.  When I try to go to bed earlier I lay there & toss & turn.  Just can't fall asleep.  BUT when I go to bed later I put my head on my pillow & sleep is right around the corner.  I have always loved that.

Over the passed few years my husband has started sharing with me his concerns about my "snoring" or "funny breathing" that I do when I sleep.  My reaction?  DENIAL!  I really didn't want to hear I was snoring or doing anything "weird" when I was sleeping.

Oh - something else I should probably mention.....I do NOT wake up rested.  I wake up feeling like a MACK truck has hit me some time during the night. 

My sister has always said "My bed is comfortable & my pillow is soft".  I have always been jealous about that so finally my husband and I got an AWESOME bed that I must say is quite comfy.  You would think that would help right?  Nope, I still wake up feeling like someone beat me with a stick. 

I have been seeing my doctor lately for some other issues I have been noticing & mentioned to her about my symptoms: 
EXTREMELY tired during the day even after getting 8 hours of sleep the night before.  FEELING like I didn't get any sleep at all and feeling like someone beat me silly ;).   WAKING up with a headache that I just can't shake.  FOCUS during the day just NOT there.  EXTREMELY forgetful (which my children LOVE but my husband and I aren't diggin' at all)

My dr was concerned with these symptoms & mentioned Sleep Apnea.  I told her I thought that was just an overweight person's problem.  You see, if you have been following me - while I have lost weight & continue to try to get to my goal I am not considered overweight. 

So, she referred me to a doctor who specializes in Sleep Apnea.  I saw him yesterday & he told me I have all but 2 of the symptoms & if the insurance allowed him he would hook me up with a CPAP machine at that moment.  I do need to go through the sleep testing though & am waiting for them to get with me about an appt.

I must say I am a bit nervous but I keep thinking about what it would look like and feel like for me to wake up rested & have the energy I need to get all through the day without caffeine or some other pick me up like CARBS!!   In the back of my mind I keep wondering if the last 10lbs won't come off because of this problem. 

Bottom line is I want to continue my path to being the healthiest I can be for me, my family & to be able to do what God has intended for me to do. 

I have always said that to those who follow me & I will continue saying it.  Yes, I was in denial.  I haven't had the test yet to confirm that I have Sleep Apnea but I will go for it & see what they say.  I will continue down this path & I want to share with you what happens.  I hope you will continue to follow my progress down this road.

If you or someone you knows may think you have a sleeping disorder please see your doctor.  This stuff isn't something to mess around with.  Here is a link for a site that explains symptoms for Sleep Apnea specifically.

Do you know someone with Sleep Apnea?  How has getting treated changed their life?

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!!

Please note:  I am not a doctor OR in the medical profession.  I am just sharing my experiences in hopes this will help someone else go & seek medical advice if needed.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A blog you could be following

I follow a beautiful young lady's blog  "Simply Samantha".  She has recently posted about her wedding & some other advice that I wanted to share.

I hope you go over & enjoy this blog.  She is an incredible young woman who has some good advice for others :)

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Happenings -- So Far

This summer seems to be cruising by.  It's July!! 

We recently had a family reunion in Pennsylvania.  It was a lot of fun.  We decided after my dad's stay in ICU last year we needed to get our whole family together.  We celebrated his 70th birthday & his retirement.  Both my sisters were there & their families.  It was nice to get everyone together. 

The Family (minus Mom & Dad)
I wish I had BUNCHES of pictures to show you but sadly I do not.  I am not really sure what happened except I never thought (only once) to get my camera out. 

My family stayed in a great little campground that has cabins.  We stayed in one called "Gone Fishing".  It was nice to be close to all that family but not living on top of each other!  We also had access to a pool & fishing, etc.  Fun stuff!!

Some other exciting news that happened while we were up there is my son asked his beautiful girlfriend to marry him!!  SHE SAID YES!!  We are very excited for them.  She is a wonderful person & we are excited to have her as part of our family.

Andrew & Monica Engaged!

Next week we are hoping to start heading to the beach weekly.  We live too close NOT to be spending some of this warm weather there! 

We also school through the summer so that is going to a priority as well.

I hope your summer has been a fun one so far!  I will be updating you soon on my most recent fitness program.  It's been challenging for sure!!

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mom Brag Time.

I am blessed.  This is my son leading worship Sunday morning.  It was the Sunday between VBS weeks so he played acoustic with our keyboard player.  Amazing.  Amazing.  I could listen to him sing & play forever. 

Proud Mama Moment.  Thanks for indulging me :)

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Insanity is Insanity

I began my Insanity journey at the beginning of January of this year.  After my 1st 30 days though I ended up having surgery for an incision hernia.  That, of course, stopped Insanity for a little while.  I ended up just going back to my faves - Turbofire & Chalean Extreme. 

It wasn't until I realized that Shaun T had made me not really like him in about 30 days time & I was afraid to go back to it!!  No joke!!

I began this process again about 37 days ago........

The 1st 30 days of Insanity is 6 days of high intensity workouts.  Going about 3-4 minutes at top speed then resting for about 30 seconds while he taught you another circuit OR you repeated the circuit you just did.  My favorite of the 1st 30 is Pure Cardio.  After the warm up & stretch you go until it's time to cool down.  Non-stop with a new move every minute.  LOVE LOVE.

Oh - side note - is there ANY warm up that you can burn 100 calories in 10 minutes?  Seriously legit folks. 

Ok, after the initial 30 I get to have a WONDERFUL recovery week and did Cardio Core & Balance for 6 days.  Did I say wonderful?  I absolutely LOVE that one!  It's cardio but not the high intense stuff of the first 30.  It's also core & balance (um, as the title says) and let me tell you.  My hip flexors & obliques were talking to me after the 1st 2 days for sure. 

So, this is me the eve before I start the next 30 days of Insanity. These workouts will be 60 minutes long.  I had been hybriding the beginning 30 with ChaLEAN Extreme so I had my weight work still.  I'm hoping I can still do that.  We shall see. 

I am a little afraid - I must admit.  But I will finish what I started this time.  I have a 6 day break in the middle that I will be away for a bit.  I'm already figuring out my plan.  It won't be Insanity but I can still be insane right?

Have you even done Insanity or Asylum?  I would love to hear your take on them! I started out with Shaun T & Hip Hop Abs.  He was so nice then!  What in the world happen ;)

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Not So Perfect Housewife: High Maintenance Eater ~ Am I Vegan or Vegetarian ...

My friend over at The Not So Perfect Housewife shares a bit about our "High Maintenance" diets. 

The Not So Perfect Housewife: High Maintenance Eater ~ Am I Vegan or Vegetarian ...: This morning my friend and I were out on our regular Friday morning walk, and .. as it usually does.. our topic of conversation turned to ...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Why Do You Workout?

Why do you workout?  To look good?  To feel good about yourself?  Maybe for a medical reason. 

Why do you eat well?  To lose weight?  Maybe another medical reason?

I had a moment recently where I was out somewhere & realized I FELT GOOD.  I felt good about myself.  I felt like this was a moment I didn't want to hide anything.  I am strong & DANG I felt good. 

Those moments haven't happened much since I chose to change the way I live my life.  There are more times than not that I look in the mirror & see the overweight person I used to be (they still happen).  I see all my imperfections like they are screaming at me sometimes.  I tend to compare myself to others way too often. 

Then I realized something.  I am make uniquely different from all those others.  I may never have a 6 pack (not that I won't try!).  I think some of this cellulite is here to stay.  Stretch marks?  Yes definitely here to stay (but most of them have a story to tell  - -  like 3 beautiful children).  Those things don't define me. 

I read something recently on Facebook that we need to make sure we are working on the inside as well as the outside.  That really made me stop & think.  I have a lot I need to be working on. 

So, my answers to those questions while they may vary every day, today they are:

I workout because it makes me feel good.  I feel stronger when I'm done & I see how far I have come.  I choose to eat healthy because I know it will make me a better Mom to my kids & wife to my husband.  I want to be around to see my children grow up & to see my grandchildren.  I want to be an inspiration to others as much as possible. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Bridge Unbroken by Cathy Bryant Book Review & Giveaway!!

She did it again!  It is like a family reunion every time Cathy Bryant writes more about the people from Miller's Creek.   This book really hit home with the forgiveness theme throughout.  I loved reading about Dakota & Chance.  Their relationship starts off pretty rocky this time around and they need to learn how to forgive each other for things that happened in the past.  The question is - can they do that?   A must read! This will make you want to read more about our Miller's Creek friends & family in her other books in the series as well!!

$ 100 Visa Card Giveaway & A BRIDGEUNBROKEN Book Tour & Launch Party

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Letting go to build a bridge…
Dakota Kelly wants her painful past to disappear. A plan to start afresh is derailed when she co-inherits her late grandfather’s farm with the man responsible for the scars on her heart. But Chance Johnson isn’t the only ghost from the past. Someone else is out to get her and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Will Chance and Dakota lay aside their grudges to restore the old farmhouse and bridge, or will evil forces sabotage their attempt at forgiveness?
Click  HERE to read a sample chapter of A Bridge Unbroken.

“Miller’s Creek, Texas…where folks are friendly, the iced tea is sweet, and Mama Beth’s front porch beckons…”

About Cathy

A native daughter of the Lone Star State, Cathy loves spinning tales about life in small town Texas. When she’s not weaving stories about the fine folks in Miller’s Creek, you’ll find her rummaging through thrift stores, feeding her reality TV addiction, or up to her elbows in yet another home improvement project in the mountain cabin she shares with her minister husband of over thirty years. You can find out more about Cathy and her books at

Here are a few other places to meet up with Cathy in cyberspace:
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To enter the giveaway:

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$ 100 Visa Card Giveaway & A BRIDGE UNBROKEN Book...
Welcome to the BlitzKat blog tour for Cathy Bryant’s A Bridge Unbroken...

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Aches & Pains

We all get them.  Even fit & healthy people have those aches & pains right?

I have some that seem to just like to get better & come back.  Plantar Fascitis anyone?  Muscle pulls?  Anyone else hold all their stress in their shoulders & neck? 

Yeah, I keep saying that my chiropractor (Dr Jen) & athletic trainer friend (Coach John) both help keep me moving.  This is really no joke. 

I am learning so much about how the body works through my own issues and this is empowering.  Why in the world would we want to go to someone & just have them give us meds without finding out WHY these things are happening & try to change them first.  (I do realize meds are important for many different things.)  I had someone recently tell me that I wasn't doing the right thing for myself by not going on meds for some lower back pain I was having.  Well, I went the route of finding out WHAT was causing the pain first.  Then I called my 2 favorite people (mentioned above).  They both had their suggestions.  As I talked with them I realized something.  All my tight muscles & pain problems are happening up the right side of my body.  I am also realizing my core is not as strong as I thought it was.  (Core being from your hips up to your chest -- NOT JUST ABS) 

I went & got some great stretches to do & some good exercises as well.   It's not an overnight fix but nothing worth it is really.  I want to have a healthy, strong body and I know this route is the right one for me.  

So, lower back pain?  Let's check those hamstrings & glutes, etc & make sure we are stretching after workouts.  Lower back pain?  Let's see what we are doing to strengthen that core. 

I feel extremely blessed to have these 2 people I can go to & talk with about what is happening with me.  They know how much I love to run & workout & they tell things to me straight.  They know I want to learn so I can not only help myself but help others that may need it too. 

Don't take your body for granted.   Ask questions.  If you aren't comfortable with an answer get a 2nd opinion.  It's YOUR body. 

Do you have a recurring injury?  

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Miles for Melanoma

I don't know that there is anyone that Cancer hasn't touched.

Both my Grandmas had it.  My father-in-law had it.  My cousin had it.  Friends have had it.

Let's be a little more specific though.  What about Melanoma?  A deadly skin cancer.

I have a good friend that had it - Stage 3C.  I say had it and I mean she is BEATING IT!!  

Her story is here:

When I say she is a fighter that is putting it mildly.  She continues to have to go through the hell of blood work, port and all kinds of testing & then having to wait for the results to come back.  The experimental drugs they used to beat this demon has kicked her endocrine system in the butt.  Please go & read her story.  It is truly amazing.

Now on to why I'm writing about this amazing friend & warrior.  On September 21st they are having the "Miles for Melanoma".  You can walk, run or crawl but would you join me please in walking or running for my friend Sandy "Sandy's Warriors" or someone else that is fighting or fought this horrid disease?
2013 Sandy's Warriors -- Miles for Melanoma

Would you consider registering & running or walking & raising money OR maybe you could help but  giving a monetary donation?  Please see her donation site:

Please join me as I support my friend & honor all those who have fought & won & fought & lost their battles.  We can help end this horrid disease.  Let's do what we can.

My fundraising page is:

Be Blessed & Live Healthy and please DON'T FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN.  EVERY DAY.  RAIN OR SHINE!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Food Glorious Food!!

Is anyone singing that now in their minds? 

But anyway, Easter was yesterday and I am so happy to tell you about it.

Since realizing there are so many other foods I can't eat I have been trying to figure out what that means for me.  I won't change anything for my family but I do have to say they are leaning more & more toward healthy eating.  (Hubby doesn't have a problem with healthy eating. He loves it - just to be clear :)  )

I was roasting lots of veggies & my daughter went in & nearly finished what I thought would be a few days worth!  How can someone be upset about THAT!!?? 

Back to Easter - Easter in my house consisted of chocolate filled plastic eggs that Grandma & Grandpa hid for the kids.  The turkey my son got hunting a few weeks ago.  A store-bought ham (because for some it's just traditional to have ham on Easter).  Corn casserole (seriously I think this is the stuff that put my initial weight on in the first place. Oh my YUMMILICIOUS  Now?  Can't eat it.)  Carrots with a sprinkle of brown sugar.  Tossed salad (with my homemade Lemon-Thyme salad dressing).  Mashed pots with gravy (2 kinds because that is just how we roll).  Dessert?  Oh my really?  Coconut cake (in the shape of a lamb - it's quite cute).  GF Angel food cake with fresh berries.  GF biscuits.

Did you just gain 20lbs reading that? 

As I sat at the table enjoying the company we had I realized I was REALLY happy & quite content with the food I was able to eat.  I wasn't feeling deprived that I couldn't eat some of that.  I had my veggie plate & salad & did a happy dance (mostly with the GF biscuit if you must know).  I did indulge in the Angel food cake & berries.  (another happy dance & had seconds but really, who is counting??)  I walked away from the table & felt good.  I didn't feel deprived but I also wasn't feeling sick, bloated, have that burning feeling in my throat that, come to find out, was part of the allergic reaction I was having to some foods. 

It can be done.  I would never wish food (or any) allergies on anyone but honestly we have ourselves thinking we just can't live without certain things.  I have had people telling me I will have to start eating meat now because of all the foods I can't eat anymore.  I don't think so.  I get my protein.  It's just coming from a different source than meat. 

We really benefit from feeding our bodies healthy & clean.  I know it's hard.  I'm not talking about organic.  Which would be ideal for those that can do that.  I'm just talking about getting your veggies & fruits.  I'm saying that cutting down on the processed, sugar filled, refined stuff out there will only be good for you & your family. 

You know this right?  I'm not surprising you with this right? 
How awesome would be be to have our kids & families going for the carrot sticks or apple slices for that crunchy or sweet craving they are having?  We can do this.  As a Mom I know I make a big impression on my kids.  They see me working out & eating healthy.   Be the role model your family & friends need.  They will thank you for it!!

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My new food journey

It's been about a week since finding out some new foods I am not able to eat.  I have to admit to feeling a little sorry for myself after getting this news. 

As I came out of THAT little pity party I realized I needed to get back to basics.  Veggies, most fruits & beans.  From here I will start adding things I know are safe.  I am perusing a new Vegan cookbook that I can adapt to gluten free.  I will share that soon :)

Tonight's dinner (and tomorrow's too!) is Veggie Chili & roasted veggies.  These are SO easy & probably different every time I make them but truly that is the fun part for me.

I am loving picking out the fresh veggies & just chopping away & putting different seasonings on them.  My family is enjoying them too.  The first night my daughter almost ate all my roasted cauliflower!!  Ok, seriously,  like THAT is a problem.  Heehee.

So this is me.  Trying to figure out how I can eat & still enjoy it.

I would love some of your favorite recipes!!  I am thinking I could adjust them & make them Imperfectly Pamela ready.  Would you share? Either here or on Facebook @ Imperfectly Pamela

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!!

Roasted veggies with S&P & garlic & some olive oil.  Bake in oven on 425 until brown. 

Veggie Chili - Imperfectly Pamela style. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Food Allergies

There are some of us that will sit down to a meal & walk away feeling miserable.  Bloating, gas, even discomfort in the throat.  Other stuff too that I will not go into but these things are happening.

Have you considered you are allergic to a food?  You could also be intolerant to something.  You could have a mild allergy to something but when you eat it with something else you have a mild allergy to you can end up in the hospital.

I am speaking from experience.  It's a miserable feeling.  Very scary as well.

Years ago I had the unfortunate experience of eating 3 things in a dish that I am allergic to (just didn't know it at the time).  It was a very scary experience but after paramedics & a trip to the ER I am alot more knowledgable about my food allergies.

Recently I had some testing done & was told I needed to be tested again.  This dr was feeling pretty sure I had more food allergies I didn't know about.  Sure enough, results are in & some of my favorites are not good for me.

Poison is what I'm telling myself.   Really, it reacts in a bad way with my body & there are some things I really enjoy eating!  I need to make sure I label it NOT good for me & leave it at that.

I will be posting about my journey through changing, yet again, how I'm eating.  I am sure it isn't as hard as I am thinking it will be.

I am sure there are those of you out there that either know what your allergies are or are experiencing these yucky feelings after eating (and I'm not talking about the guilt after indulging.  That would be something else (:  )

I hope you will continue to follow me & maybe even comment on things you are doing to help you get healthier.  If you have some experience with food allergies please comment!  

If you are able to click "join this site" on the right side of this page to follow my blog.  This will put my updates in your blog feed.

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


My sister has a new blog.  She has been a Holistic Health Counselor for 5+ years now & is (if I may say) AWESOME!!
She has just begun her blog & she has so much to share in the future as well. 

Check out her new blog here:

Also, if you like what you are reading here on my blog you can "follow" me too :)

Do you have blog?  I would love to check it out!!  Please leave it in comments for me and my other readers!!  Let's support each other :)

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!! 

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Moms need a break too!

I am many things & one of them is a Mom.

I love that job.  It can be very tiring though.  There are moments I feel horrible that maybe I haven't said the right thing or even gave the right look.  There are kids that just crumble when you yell & then kids that wait for you to yell before listening (and even have no problem telling you that!).

I have been a mom for over 18 years.  I wouldn't trade one minute of it for anything.  I would though, make sure I got more Mom time away.  Even just a few hours of GUILT FREE me time.

I (we?) tend to feel guilty when taking those moments away from home.  We really do need them though.  It's great to just get energized by hanging out with friends & doing something we just wouldn't do on our own.

I got that opportunity when my friend over at The Not So Perfect Housewife invited me to go see a preview of the moving coming out "Mom's Night Out".  This movie was SO FUNNY!!!!

At first I was a little worried when the security guy came out & was explaining anyone with a cell phone out would have it confiscated & be asked to leave because they didn't want anyone recording anything.  Big time stuff people!  They were serious too.  He had this night vision thing he was looking through during the movie.

After the first few minutes though that was forgotten because we were just laughing our butts off!  Being just a week out from my surgery I was seriously thinking I would pop a stitch.

Check out the trailer here:

and the good part?  They didn't put all the funny stuff in the trailer :)  The movie has a great message & leaves you feeling refreshed & really knowing that all we do for our families is worth it & noticed.
So, those days you just think you can't take it anymore, know there are others out here having the same problems.  We have either been through it or are going through it.  If we have already been through it we may be able to offer some words of wisdom or even just a ear to listen.  Reach out to a friend & fellow Mom. Let's make sure we are here for each other!

Oh & you MUST schedule that Mom's Night Out!!  This movie comes out May 9th but don't wait that long!  Check out their Facebook page too:  Mom's Night Out

When was your last mom's night out & what did you do?  Share share share!!

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Working out never felt so good

I saw my doc this week & he gave me great news! I'm healing up well & he said to GRADUALLY start my workouts again. 

I'm starting out light & easy but I can tell you that it really feels GREAT! 

I have been very happy with my eating & food choices the last 2+ weeks.  I have been feeling lean & not overdoing anything foodwise.  That was something I was concerned about. 

I notice about a week into my recovery that I wasn't eating as much as I was before the surgery.  I mean that makes sense right?  I was so hungry with the workouts I was doing but with no workouts my body did was it should have. 

Loving my treadmill right now since I'm using it for walking.  I can READ and walk at the same time!  Haha!  This morning I also picked up some light weights too.  (not while walking though)

Tomorrow I bike!!  Yay!  I received a new bike from a friend & have been looking forward to breaking it in :)

Thinking about what my next phase will look like.  Hmmm,  any suggestions? 

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hard not to fall in the pit

The pit.  You know, that pit of feeling sorry for yourself. 

I don't do change all that easily.  Well, unless I initiate it ;)

2 Mondays ago I had surgery & went in knowing fully what I would and wouldn't be able to do afterward.  2 weeks of resting & healing.  Walking is encouraged (happy girl!). 

I realized during this time there were certain things I needed to focus on.  There are other things happening in my life that I would just get way too focused on.  Things that in the grand scheme of things really don't matter.  Worrying about what others are thinking, etc.  NOT MY JOB :)

I am busy healing, walking & resting.  I am setting goals for myself & working on meeting them so I can check that one off & move to the next one. 

One of the things that helped TREMENDOUSLY was a good friend invited me out to a preview of a movie coming out in May called Moms' Night Out.  We had an INCREDIBLE time & laughed out butts off.  I thought I was going to pop my stitches at one point.  It was just that good.  I'll post something about that soon too :)  I was honest with her & explained how I was a little anxious about going out like that.  Silly huh?  Of course once there it was awesome & so worth it!!

One of the things I have found that is something I have to actively keep on top of is not feeling sorry for myself.  Seeing all my friends posting pics or status' of what their workouts have been.  Seeing someone running.  I feel myself getting down when I see this.  Then I realize that is ridiculous!  I will be working out again in the next month or so.  I will start out light I'm sure but I will be moving & lifting & loving it again soon enough. 

There was a reason I needed a rest.  I think we can all push ourselves to the point of needing a rest.  Maybe we don't realize it & we get that push.  That's what I had to get.  I got the push telling me I have no choice. 

It's cool.  I have some awesome friends that have kept me going.  Keeping me encouraged by their little notes & texts. 

Well, thanks for reading my thoughts here.  Hope everyone out there is doing well!!

How do you keep yourself focused when life throws you a curveball?

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Staying Focused

As I posted recently my journey has seen a detour :)

Recently I noticed a lump in my belly & after seeing a few doctors found out it was a hernia.

Long story short, I had surgery to have it taken care of.  I'm doing well but the healing process the passed couple days has been rough & frustrating. 

I mean, come on.  If you like to get up & get moving & not stop then when someone tells you to sit & rest you are like "um, what?".  That is what I thought.  I even tried reasoning with the nurse before the surgery.  She told me "you tell that little workout guru in you to shut up!".  She was somewhat joking.  I did promise many people including my little girl that I would take it easy until my doc gave me the thumbs up to get busy working out again.  Walking will be my friend for now. 

A couple things I noticed. 

-- Saying you will take it easy & actually TAKING IT EASY are totally different.

-- When you have had surgery on the core area & you can't tighten up those muscles you realize how much the core is very important in every day life!! 

--  All those squats, leg work & arm work I have been doing?  Yea, they have paid off in SPADES!!  I am using those muscles LOTS to get up & down, etc.

-- Eating clean when you can't exercise is crucial.  There have already been a couple of little indulgences but they have been small & truly, no guilt. 

So, for the next couple of weeks I will be following doctors & my daughters orders & taking it easy.  Taking walks & resting will be in my workout log. 

What setbacks have you encountered along the way?  How did you deal with them? 

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Fitness Journey Changes

My fitness journey is going to be changing slightly starting Monday. 

I have been working through Insanity and will end my first 30 days Saturday. 

Starting Monday though my focus will be completely on my nutrition.  Some things have happened that are forcing me to stop the insane workouts & change my focus. 

Not forever, I promise.  Probably for about 2 months.  I guess you can say I'm doing my own personal ultimate reset :)

I am looking forward to what is in store for me here.  My diet lifestyle has been - gluten free, dairy free, meat free (I do eat fish & eggs).  What I need to be working on is quantity & possibly late night eating :) 

So, this is me changing things up a bit.  Sometimes we do it on our own & sometimes things happen that force change. 

I am not a fan of too much change but when it's for the best than who am I to argue. 

I look forward to sharing this part of my journey with you!

Please share what YOUR problem area with food is.  Be honest!  My biggie is sugary things.  Even fruit.  I can just eat and eat and eat it.  What about you?
Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Insanity - Fit Test #2

Insane.  My life is insane.  Then I started doing the workout program INSANITY.  Now it's REALLY insane!! 

My life is peaceful compared to this workout!  No joke!!

The first Fit Test is pretty much a base.  So you can see your progress from beginning to end. 

I honestly wasn't sure there would be a progression for me after 2 weeks.  Yes I'm pretty much keeping up with the moves each day.  Can I get my knees higher on the "high knees"?  yes, I'm sure.  Well, except for one of the moves in the 2nd Fit Test I was over all my beginning numbers! 

Now I can say I don't see how in the world I will get better in 2 weeks for the next Fit Test but hey, I'm looking forward to seeing.

I also weighed in Monday morning & am 2lbs down.  I haven't seen much movement on the scale at all so that was neat.  I will probably NOT weigh in again until the end though.  Just sayin' 

Funny thing too.  I went for a short 2 mile run on the "dread"mill yesterday after the Fit Test and it made me laugh how even MORE boring it was for me!  I just kept thinking about how I would much rather be out on the road but we gotta do what we gotta do huh?  I started imagining where I would be if I were road-running.  That & Toby Mac helped out a lot!!

On another note, I have thought of another goal I would LOVE to meet this year.  I am seriously considering running a 1/2 marathon.  I love to run & would love to be able to have that accomplishment.  I will let you know when I begin the training for that.  It would have to be after Insanity though. 

What are your thoughts?  Would you ever consider running a 1/2 marathon?  Full marathon?  Have you already?  I would love to know your experiences!!

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!!

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Some Great Fitness Blogs

I am so blessed to be part of a fitness & healthy living community on Facebook & I wanted to share some of the blogs I follow too.  Hope you like them like I do!! 

Neon Princesses

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Team Neon Running

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Teresa Runs Miles


There you have it. Go check them out!  Also, you can follow them on Facebook under these names as well.

Do you have blog?  I would love to check yours out as well.  Please leave it in a comment here.

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Check In Time!!!

Ok Everyone!!  Check in time!!

We are almost 14 days into the new year.  How are you doing with your goals?  Eating better?  Exercising more? 

As you know I'm working on a new program my hubby bought me called Insanity (seriously, my house has enough insanity but I wanted more!).  I have completed week 1 & am really loving it!  I think this will ruin me for any other cardio that isn't kick butt, kill you cardio.  I have decided though to add in some weight work.  I do love my weights & really feel like during this 1st month of Insanity I can handle it.  I have added in ChaLEAN Extreme Burn, Push & Lean workouts into my schedule.  REALLY excited about this & can't wait for a couple things. 

I can't wait for the next Insanity Fit Test to see my progress.  I can't wait for the next measurement & weigh in (I KNOW IT!!  Me??!!)  I can't wait to see myself in 60 days!!

Ok, so weigh in here (heehee).  Tell me what your goals are & how you are doing with them.  Comment here if you please.

I LOVE to hear from you!!

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Goals, New Program

Happy New Year!! 

Ok a little late but still coming from my heart!

I was a good girl last year so Santa (hubby) got me Insanity (Beachbody program).  I am thrilled & got started this morning after finishing ChaLEAN Extreme for the 3rd time. 

Today was the Fit Test & was only about a 1/2 hour long.  I was concerned this would not be enough for me because I normally workout about 1-1/2 hours - 2 hours depending on what I'm working on. 

This Fit Test was INCREDIBLE.  I have to say it had me huffing & puffing & really needing that 60 second rest in between.  I am very impressed with how well I did.  Truly I didn't think I would be able to get any good numbers during this test. 

I'm looking forward to this workout.  I am also looking forward to doing the Fit Test again a few times during the program to see how I'm progressing. 

Before doing these programs I usually take measurements & my weight.  The last time I did that was in April 2013.  I am not happy to report I have had some increase in inches (3-3/4") and gained about 3lbs.  I'm not concerned about the weight gain at all but the inches I don't like.  I do have to say though my clothes don't feel any different so that has helped me not be too down on myself.

I do know the problem area for me is food.  Not the type of food but the quantity.  I always justify the amount I'm eating by saying it's healthy food & my workout was killer.  Calories are calories.  Doesn't matter how you look at it. 

So, on to goals.  My goal presently is adjusting my amount of food I eat during the day.  Especially in the late afternoon & evenings. 

Another goal I have made for myself is not to be afraid to make new friends.  I find myself a little standoffish lately with new relationships.  I don't want to be that way.  I believe people are brought into our lives for a reason & if I can bless someone or the other way around, well far be it for me to stand in the way of that!!  I started yesterday & am very glad I did.  I had a cup of tea with wonderful woman & my daughter got to play with her daughter for a while.  A blessing all the way around.

So, have you made any new goals for 2014?  What did you choose to do?

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

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