Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Problems Sleeping

I have always been a night owl.  21 years ago I married a guy who loves a bed time of 8-9pm.  I'm more around 11p and sometimes later.  This has always been rough for us.  When I try to go to bed earlier I lay there & toss & turn.  Just can't fall asleep.  BUT when I go to bed later I put my head on my pillow & sleep is right around the corner.  I have always loved that.

Over the passed few years my husband has started sharing with me his concerns about my "snoring" or "funny breathing" that I do when I sleep.  My reaction?  DENIAL!  I really didn't want to hear I was snoring or doing anything "weird" when I was sleeping.

Oh - something else I should probably mention.....I do NOT wake up rested.  I wake up feeling like a MACK truck has hit me some time during the night. 

My sister has always said "My bed is comfortable & my pillow is soft".  I have always been jealous about that so finally my husband and I got an AWESOME bed that I must say is quite comfy.  You would think that would help right?  Nope, I still wake up feeling like someone beat me with a stick. 

I have been seeing my doctor lately for some other issues I have been noticing & mentioned to her about my symptoms: 
EXTREMELY tired during the day even after getting 8 hours of sleep the night before.  FEELING like I didn't get any sleep at all and feeling like someone beat me silly ;).   WAKING up with a headache that I just can't shake.  FOCUS during the day just NOT there.  EXTREMELY forgetful (which my children LOVE but my husband and I aren't diggin' at all)

My dr was concerned with these symptoms & mentioned Sleep Apnea.  I told her I thought that was just an overweight person's problem.  You see, if you have been following me - while I have lost weight & continue to try to get to my goal I am not considered overweight. 

So, she referred me to a doctor who specializes in Sleep Apnea.  I saw him yesterday & he told me I have all but 2 of the symptoms & if the insurance allowed him he would hook me up with a CPAP machine at that moment.  I do need to go through the sleep testing though & am waiting for them to get with me about an appt.

I must say I am a bit nervous but I keep thinking about what it would look like and feel like for me to wake up rested & have the energy I need to get all through the day without caffeine or some other pick me up like CARBS!!   In the back of my mind I keep wondering if the last 10lbs won't come off because of this problem. 

Bottom line is I want to continue my path to being the healthiest I can be for me, my family & to be able to do what God has intended for me to do. 

I have always said that to those who follow me & I will continue saying it.  Yes, I was in denial.  I haven't had the test yet to confirm that I have Sleep Apnea but I will go for it & see what they say.  I will continue down this path & I want to share with you what happens.  I hope you will continue to follow my progress down this road.

If you or someone you knows may think you have a sleeping disorder please see your doctor.  This stuff isn't something to mess around with.  Here is a link for a site that explains symptoms for Sleep Apnea specifically.


Do you know someone with Sleep Apnea?  How has getting treated changed their life?

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!!

Please note:  I am not a doctor OR in the medical profession.  I am just sharing my experiences in hopes this will help someone else go & seek medical advice if needed.  

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