Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

I have been a mom for 15 years now and well, that means my husband has been a Dad for 15 years! Isn't that fun the way that works (haha). Anyway, he is just the best Dad there is. He was brought up in a home that loved & feared the Lord and is showing how children how to do the same.

I watch him and the way he cares so much for each of our children. Even the smallest things like flying our daughter around at night-time to find baby. Doesn't matter that she is getting bigger and harder to fly around but he does it anyway. As I type this he is at a baseball camp with our oldest. He is sitting and watching practices, conditioning sessions and some times just doing nothing. He is doing all this because he loves & cares so much for A that doing this is just what he does. He does his best to find the common ground with all our children. Our middle has shown so much interest in so many areas. Baseball, fishing, working on cars, art, music. It may be a little harder to connect with him but Andy does his best to do that. He is at recitals & helps coach baseball games. The 100 deg weather doesn't deter him. He just keeps on keeping on because that is what he does.

He leaves and goes to work every day for us so we can stay home and homeschool. He helps at the church and is just always there for others. This is showing our children the same. I am seeing this mirrored in our children every day.

Andy, you are a wonderful, awesome, loving, caring, selfless Dad. I wish you were here to celebrate your day but know that you are loved & being prayed for. Thank you for being you.

Love Pamela & your beautiful children A, M & Miss E