Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Be Blessed & Life Healthy!!!

What is YOUR goal?


I realize everyone has a different goal for themselves.  Some want to just be fit & keep up with their kids.  Some want to be "skinny" and even that will be different for everyone.  Some just want to eat healthy.  Some use healthy eating to be able to go off certain meds.

What about other things like keeping your house clutter free (a HUGE problem for this woman!).  Being on time (another biggy for me!).

Well, I am learning to write my goals down. 

I put them where I can see them.  That helps to hold me accountable on a daily basis. 

If it's something big, I make sure I talk with someone about it.  Someone I know who will honestly help to hold me accountable.

What about you?  Do you have goals you have trouble sticking to?  How do you reach them? Maybe you have some tips that could help -- PLEASE SHARE:)

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Challenging Myself

A friend of mine recently posted this picture on her Facebook page. 

I saw this picture & saw it as a challenge.  I am always looking for something that I can do that will challenge this body and honestly?  Make me wake up the next morning KNOWING I worked something that needed it in a different way than usual! 

So, I have just finished 1 week of 20 each of these exercises (squats can be made more challenging with holding weights in each hand) (40 Jumping Jax though with a band around my ankles).  This next week I will up this to 30 & the Jax to 50 in addition to my regularly scheduled workouts.

Oh & I can tell you from experience that these muscles are telling me I'm doing them good :)

What about you?  What do you do to challenge yourself?  Want to jump on board with me?  Let me know!! 

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Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

The More I Workout....

The more I workout, the more I LOVE IT!!!

Seriously, so often someone will start working out & then find themselves quitting after a little while.  There are so many reasons I'm sure.  -They don't carve the time out of their schedule to make it happen.  -The program they chose isn't the right one for them.  -They don't schedule their workouts ahead of time.  This last one is different from the first one about carving out time for the workout.  Making sure you have a scheduled plan of workouts for the week or even month is REALLY important! 

I didn't realize this until I started the Beachbody workouts. 

I got a schedule with each of the workouts I have & while I certainly don't need to stick with them, and I didn't at first with P90X, I realized maybe they knew what they were talking about! 

I am working right now on my 3rd round of ChaLEAN Extreme.  The workouts are really awesome.  She knows what she is doing.  She does the TurboFire workouts too & they are my FAVORITE cardio workouts to be sure. 

Recently, if you have been keeping up with my blog, you know I have a new addition to my weights.  I added 20lb weights & I am THRILLED to say I am using them during this program.  Right now they are more for lower body exercises but I know eventually I will be able to get them into the upper body too. 

I am so happy to say that after many years I have found the workouts that work for me.  Including running & biking.  Along with Beachbody workouts like TurboFire, ChaLEAN Extreme & P90X I have invested in Bob Harpers workouts.   His InsideOut workout DVD's are INTENSE & I use them between the longer programs I do.  Keeps me shaking things up with my workouts & keeps my body guessing what's coming next.

I am seeing some great results.  Great definition in my arms & legs.  I still have areas I want to work on but I know I will get there.  It hasn't been over night & I have been working really hard at it for over 7 years!

I feel great.  That's the idea right?  I want to be able to keep up.  I want my kids to grow up & know exercise should be an every day thing & not a chore.  There are other options than going to the gym.  So many people I have talked to get memberships & don't end up seeing the year through.  It can be discouraging.  The right mind-set & being determined to make a difference really does help!!

Have you found an exercise that works for you?  How do you challenge yourself?

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Woman's Musings

I have to say, I don't feel my age.  I don't feel like I actually am old enough to have a child out of high school & on his way to finding where his place in life is outside our home. 

With that said though, I am.  I am proud to be able to say I have an 18 yr old son that is a phenomenal musician.  I have loved watching that boy grow from the moment he was in my belly and I will continue love watching him continue to grow.  Even if it has to be from afar & hearing things through social media first. 

I also have an incredible 14 yr old son.  He shows his talents through baseball, music & learning.  As well as having the compassion & empathy for others that will just leave you speechless.  He continues to communicate with myself & his dad.  Asking questions to learn & understanding when he needs to be corrected in something. 

Our other child is a beautiful 7 (and a 1/2) year old daughter.  She has the voice of an angel & is quick as a whip.  She has a combination of both her brothers in her & I can see that being wonderful & challenging all rolled into one. 

I have been trying to really take the time recently to think about the way things have changed lately.  I hope you will humor me.  While I try to keep my blog along the fitness/health lines - I am a wife, mom & woman & as I'm sure you can understand my brain is constantly going with other things too!

I know social media has a place.  I realize many people use it for great things.  I have a good friend that uses it to help her with fostering dogs & making sure they can help dogs that are in danger.  I have used it to ask for prayer for my father who was very sick (update on him at the end).  There are so many things we can use Facebook, Twitter & the like for.  I think the main thing though is just entertainment.  That is where it can get a little grey. 

I have had friends tell me that their spouse & them have decided not to be part of FB because they have heard the stories of people hooking up with old girl/boyfriends.

Another reason is it's a TIME SUCKER( seriously!). 

The thing that probably makes me most sad is when people use it in a way that is hurtful.  To hear good news from someone close to you really stinks.  

I think many people will use it to say things that they wouldn't normally say to lots of people.  When I post on FB or Twitter & when I post here on my blog I try VERY hard to think about what I'm saying & how it may come across.  My intent is never to hurt anyone.  I truly would just like to inspire & help others. 

Also, I would never want a friend or loved one to read my blog & find out something about my life that they should have learned 1st hand. 

I don't know.  Maybe this is a little old fashioned.  Maybe tweeting about something you just did that was a big deal is the new way to do things today.  Maybe a Mom & Dad just need to grow with the times.  I don't think I am an old fuddy-duddy (HA!  When was the last time you heard that one!). 

I just love my family & am so interested in their lives.  Not to be controlling.   Sheesh, I have enough of my own stuff to be handling & keeping in line!  I just am interested.  I want to see life through their eyes as well.  I want to love the new people they are becoming & have become. 

Well, I feel like I may have gone on a little meander here in my typing.  I hope you understand & will return! 

As for the update on my Dad.  He is home now with Mom.  He is receiving therapy for walking & moving his hands as well.  Turns out when you are unresponsive for 11 days on a ventilator your body doesn't react well.  I was blessed to talk with him a couple nights ago.  He was a bit winded just talking but can I just say what a BLESSING it was to hear his voice.  The man got a new chance at life.  My prayer is he will learn Who gave him that chance & embrace it. 

What's on your mind lately?  Can I pray for you?  I would be honored!!

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!!