Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas is over.....

Ok, Christmas is over. I keep insisting that each year I'm going to simplify and really get back to what Christmas is all about. Yes, this year I overextended myself. Volunteering to be part of our Happy Birthday Jesus service at church while I knew I was also singing on the worship team the other services. I baked 9 different kinds of cookies. We had dinners to go to, presents to wrap, the house to clean/keep clean, so on and so on. It actually got a little frustrating. By Christmas Eve after our services I went looking for the ornaments I bought for the kids to put on the tree. A tradition we have every Christmas Eve. I couldn't find them. I tore my closet & some of my bedroom apart looking for them. My husband steered as clear as he could. He even got the kids to bed. I realized long after I was so caught up in my own anger & frustration that I didn't even get to say good night to them. I know. It was just one night but I let my anger just take over. It's hard to reel it back in some times. God spoke to me loud & clear. It's not about me. It's not about some ornaments to give to the kids. I got it loud & clear. I can say that Christmas morning was just a blessing. I wished it would last forever. The kids were just wonderful. Everyone was getting along & having fun. Laughing & enjoying each other. It was one of those moments that Moms store away in their hearts & minds for later. My God sent his Son to earth to be a man, to go to the cross & die for ME. He was a little baby who was helpless just like I was. He understands what I go through every day. He went through so much yucky stuff too. He died for me so that I can live. That is what I want to celebrate. Not just on December 24th & 25th. I want to celebrate that every day of the year for the rest of my life here. My husband and I made a decision a long time ago to keep Christ in Christmas by not confusing things with a man in a red suit. Honestly? That is something I won't regret. The focus is more on Jesus then ever now. I hope it is for you too.

Merry Christmas! May the joy of this season always be in your heart.

Be Blessed!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas!

As we prepare for this Christmas I really find myself thinking about the meaning of it. Really. What would Jesus want us to be doing? I wonder some times if God is looking down at the craziness we put ourselves through and just shaking his head. Here we are needing to get everyone the gifts they want or what we want to get them. The way our houses have to be decorated & lit up. Dinners perfect or else moods are well, not very nice. Really? The only gift that needs to be given was given 2000+ years ago. The only decoration we need? Maybe a nativity (which honestly could be kept up all year long). The meal? Honestly does that matter? We are blessed beyond belief by what God has given us. Our families & friends (that are just like family), a place to lay our heads at night and food to nourish our bodies. What else do we really need? The most important is given to us & for us. Our Savior, Jesus. As I have been praying for God to show me how I'm supposed to be celebrating Christmas I love the answers He is giving me. I feel that excitment & giddiness that I remember as a little child. There is nothing to replace that! I hope you can find that excitement this Christmas too.

I pray you are BLESSED beyond anything you can imagine this Christmas.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tis the Season....

Well, are you all preparing for Christmas? This is just really the most wonderful time of year. I love the cool air (not freezing, just cool) and decorating our Christmas tree. We call it Goliath. it's pretty big. It usually takes us all weekend to decorate the whole thing. It's just a wonderful time for family & remembering the great gift our God gave us sending his son here as a tiny, little baby. To live so He could die, for us!! I'm always in awe of this.

Now, how to get past the busy-ness of this season. Having 3 children and having a family that has always had the tradition of buying gifts for everyone in the family -- it makes for a pretty busy, wallet draining season as well. I love to bake cookies & send out all my Christmas cards too. I find myself many times during this season wishing I could just find that quiet time to really enjoy what this is all about. Ever feel that way? Have you figured out a way that makes it work for your family? Oh to get back to the basics of what this is really about. We don't do Santa here with the kids anymore. We decided after our 1st born felt that we had lied to him when he found out the truth that it just wasn't worth it all. We explain everything to our children making sure they know the true reason for this season -- JESUS!!

What are you traditions? Are you able to find that quiet moment for yourself to really enjoy this season?

Be Blessed! Remember - this time of year doesn't have to wreak havok on your health. If you must indulge in the sweet goodies, do so with caution & moderation. Be healthy!!