Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas!

As we prepare for this Christmas I really find myself thinking about the meaning of it. Really. What would Jesus want us to be doing? I wonder some times if God is looking down at the craziness we put ourselves through and just shaking his head. Here we are needing to get everyone the gifts they want or what we want to get them. The way our houses have to be decorated & lit up. Dinners perfect or else moods are well, not very nice. Really? The only gift that needs to be given was given 2000+ years ago. The only decoration we need? Maybe a nativity (which honestly could be kept up all year long). The meal? Honestly does that matter? We are blessed beyond belief by what God has given us. Our families & friends (that are just like family), a place to lay our heads at night and food to nourish our bodies. What else do we really need? The most important is given to us & for us. Our Savior, Jesus. As I have been praying for God to show me how I'm supposed to be celebrating Christmas I love the answers He is giving me. I feel that excitment & giddiness that I remember as a little child. There is nothing to replace that! I hope you can find that excitement this Christmas too.

I pray you are BLESSED beyond anything you can imagine this Christmas.

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