Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tis the Season....

Well, are you all preparing for Christmas? This is just really the most wonderful time of year. I love the cool air (not freezing, just cool) and decorating our Christmas tree. We call it Goliath. it's pretty big. It usually takes us all weekend to decorate the whole thing. It's just a wonderful time for family & remembering the great gift our God gave us sending his son here as a tiny, little baby. To live so He could die, for us!! I'm always in awe of this.

Now, how to get past the busy-ness of this season. Having 3 children and having a family that has always had the tradition of buying gifts for everyone in the family -- it makes for a pretty busy, wallet draining season as well. I love to bake cookies & send out all my Christmas cards too. I find myself many times during this season wishing I could just find that quiet time to really enjoy what this is all about. Ever feel that way? Have you figured out a way that makes it work for your family? Oh to get back to the basics of what this is really about. We don't do Santa here with the kids anymore. We decided after our 1st born felt that we had lied to him when he found out the truth that it just wasn't worth it all. We explain everything to our children making sure they know the true reason for this season -- JESUS!!

What are you traditions? Are you able to find that quiet moment for yourself to really enjoy this season?

Be Blessed! Remember - this time of year doesn't have to wreak havok on your health. If you must indulge in the sweet goodies, do so with caution & moderation. Be healthy!!


  1. You know us.. cookies and Christmas movie are our traditions..
    I also get picky about what 'things' we busy ourselves with so I don't miss the meaning..

    Love ya

  2. Hi Pamela,
    So nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by Mother Daughter Tango.
    Yes, the Christmas season can easily overtake us!
    My husband is an associate pastor and I direct a pregnancy care ministry so we have lots going on in an effort to honor our volunteers at year's end.
    It's so important to remember that JESUS is the reason for ALL we do.
    Your post helps me stop and take a breath and praise our glorious GOD for ALL of His gifts.
    Nice sound track!
    Blessings ~


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