Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear Imperfectly Pamela -

**An oldie but a goodie - posted 7/11**

Dear Imperfectly Pamela -
I often find myself judging people that I see sitting in fast food restaurants that are eating things maybe they shouldn't be and they are overweight. How can I stop doing that?
Signed - Judging Judy

Dear JJ -
Let's remember that God made us all in HIS image. While His image is perfect, WE have free will (ack!). None of us is made exactly the same. We all have different things that may tempt us or things we have troubles saying no to. It's unfortunate yes but instead of judging that person, pray for them. Pray that whatever might be the reason they are overweight that God would show it to them & help them to overcome. Some of us are emotional eaters. When the stress gets high, we eat (I know this from experience). The satisfaction of eating whatever we shouldn't outweighs (no pun intended) the disappointment afterward.
Imperfectly Pamela

Think about your life. Is there something that just drives you crazy that you do and know or wish you shouldn't/wouldn't? Anything you feel like sharing?

Personally - around 2-4 in the afternoon I have a MEAN sweet craving. I have stripped my kitchen of all things bad & that forces me to go for the better-for-me stuff. I just need to keep in mind that too much of that isn't a good thing either.

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas cards

Yesterday I wrote about thank you notes.  Today?  Christmas cards.  Oh how I love receiving them in the mail every year!  I love the updates that people write about their family.  I love getting the pictures of the kids (and parents!).  It's a little old fashioned but I love "snail" mail.  I send cards out too.  It's a time of year I just like to sit down & take the time out of my busy-ness to remember my friends & family.  I also write in the names of all the people in the family.  I have a little Christmas "log" book that tells me everyone's name & if I sent one out the year before, etc.  I'm not a real organized person but I do like organization with that. 

What about you?  Do you send out Christmas cards?  Enjoy receiving them?

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thank you cards

I grew up writing thank-you notes to people after receiving gifts.  Christmas, Birthday - any time we got a gift, we had to send a note.  As I grew up I kept up with that.  My mom still gives us a pack of thank you notes at Christmas time.  I have been trying to get my kids into sending them as well.  Even if it's a picture they draw saying "Thank you!".  I have noticed with email, facebook ,etc people may be finding it so much easier to send an electronic "thank you!".  Honestly?  I still like getting a handwritten card in the mail. 

What about you?  Do you write thank you notes?

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Do you have a plan?

Have you really thought about having a plan for staying on your healthy eating/exercising course over the holidays?  Oh there are so many blogs & websites out there that are offering LOTS of advice.  I just heard one I hadn't heard before.  If you are a drinker, have a glass of water between each drink.  I'm thinking that will help a couple ways really.   What about the one - eating before you go to the party.  Now that is a good one.  My only problem is I eat before then I get there & feel like I can just skip right to the sugar-filled yummies!  When I am asked to bring a dish I always bring my fresh veggies & hummus.  That gives me something I can eat & I won't go right to the dessert table. 

As for all you fellow exercise nuts - don't kill yourself keeping up with the schedule you normally keep for working out.  Allow yourself a vacation day or two to enjoy family & the festivities.  Get right back to it though on the 26th!  Now for me, we are taking a trip to visit family.  We will be in the car for 17 hours one way.  We hope to break up the trip to make it a little more enjoyable but that would mean 2 days of no working out for me.  When I stay in a hotel I always find the stairs & do some running up & down a few times.  My son loves coming with me.  Then we walk the halls for a little bit at a brisk pace.  Makes me feel like I did something worth while. 

I hope this season brings love & family & friends for you all.

Be Blessed & Healthy!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Kitchen Staples

As I prepare for our trip to TX to see my sis & her family there are SO many things to think about, as I'm sure you know.  She sent me a note recently and asked me the "Top 5 staples in my kitchen that I just CAN'T live without".  Well, that got me thinking really.  Truly, I hadn't realized there are certain things that I just NEED, for me anyway, in my kitchen. 

  1. Brown rice
  2. frozen (or fresh) veggies
  3. black beans (any kind really)
  4. almond milk
  5. soy cheese
Now I also realized that I could go on from there too - eggs or egg beaters, gf bread, etc, etc. 

What are your staples in your kitchen?  (Zebra cakes don't count Brittany-  heehee)  Tell me some of the things that you just NEED in your kitchen.  Mine are probably pretty strange to some I'm sure!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


We all have them.  I find myself craving both sweet & salty stuff & most times at the same time!  I love slipping some carob chips or dark choc chip in a little natural peanut butter then dipping my apple slices in it.  Ok, yes that is what I do.  What do you do?  Come on - good or bad - spill it. 

Also wanted to share a nice WELCOME! to my new followers!  It was like a present seeing you here.  I am happy to check out your site & follow you as well (which I believe I have done with everyone I have publicly following me).  If I haven't let me know!

Ok now spill it.  What do you crave & what cravings do you give in to??

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Giving a shout out to Three P's In a Pod  on Say Hi Sunday!!  Go check them out!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Countdown has started!!

Oh my!! Did you know that there are only 15 more days until CHRISTmas!!?? Oh my!! I was at church last night talking with someone about our singing schedule & realized how close it actually is!
We are blessed to be visiting my dear sister & her family this CHRISTmas. I am SO looking forward to seeing them & hanging out with my sister. This is the sister that is my accountability parter with our working out & eating. It will be nice to be LIVE while doing these things.
So, the presents are bought & waiting to be wrapped. We are going to be packing very soon & making last minute arrangements for things. All the while remembering what this time is about. I love this time of year. I love the images of Jesus as a baby.
A little tiny, vulnerable baby. Needing the love & care of Mary & Joseph. I love that God loves ME so much he sent His son here for ME!
So, what are you doing to get ready for CHRISTmas? Are you traveling or staying put?
What are some of your CHRISTmas traditions? I would love to know!!
Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Just wanted to share our CHRISTmas tree with you!!  We call it "Goliath".  Yes there is quite the story behind it.  The short version is it's VERY tall(haha).  Over 9 ft.  There is really only one spot in the house for it besides the middle of the room :)  We just love this tree & it will be able to handle every homemade ornament my children want to make or buy for it.  The lights are colored & so peaceful when we turn all the lights off at night and just leave the tree lit.  I love this time of year.  Did I mention that? 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Mundane Monday

Love that title.  Well, not really.  Not feeling well today.  I hate days like this.  I have to say though I got my MEGA-workout in this morning though before I realized how yucky I was feeling.  This too shall pass I'm sure.  One thing that always makes me feel complete (besides Jesus & my husband :D)  is a good workout.  You know the kind.  Butt-kicking, covered in sweat, can't lift your arms (or your legs) for anything toward the end of the workout.  I have to admit, I do agree with the whole muscle confusion thing that Tony Horton and I'm sure others talk about with their workouts.  This morning I did a mix of some P90X & TurboFire.  It felt great until I was done & the natural high wore off.   Still worth it to me though.

Another thing - guess who is working out now??  My almost 13yr old son!!  I'm so proud of him.  He plays baseball (is there another sport?) but is on a break right now and needs something to keep him conditioned.  We started him out on some great DVD's that I already had & he is loving it!  He even tried Ab Ripper with me the other day -- I must say the poor boy is still feeling it!  Not for the faint of heart for sure.  As I tell everyone, he did what he could but didn't push it real hard.  He was back there this morning for a good 30 minute workout again though.  So proud of him!!

What are you up to besides getting ready for the holidays?  How do you keep your fitness up with all the business? 

Be Blessed & Healthy!!