Monday, December 5, 2011

Mundane Monday

Love that title.  Well, not really.  Not feeling well today.  I hate days like this.  I have to say though I got my MEGA-workout in this morning though before I realized how yucky I was feeling.  This too shall pass I'm sure.  One thing that always makes me feel complete (besides Jesus & my husband :D)  is a good workout.  You know the kind.  Butt-kicking, covered in sweat, can't lift your arms (or your legs) for anything toward the end of the workout.  I have to admit, I do agree with the whole muscle confusion thing that Tony Horton and I'm sure others talk about with their workouts.  This morning I did a mix of some P90X & TurboFire.  It felt great until I was done & the natural high wore off.   Still worth it to me though.

Another thing - guess who is working out now??  My almost 13yr old son!!  I'm so proud of him.  He plays baseball (is there another sport?) but is on a break right now and needs something to keep him conditioned.  We started him out on some great DVD's that I already had & he is loving it!  He even tried Ab Ripper with me the other day -- I must say the poor boy is still feeling it!  Not for the faint of heart for sure.  As I tell everyone, he did what he could but didn't push it real hard.  He was back there this morning for a good 30 minute workout again though.  So proud of him!!

What are you up to besides getting ready for the holidays?  How do you keep your fitness up with all the business? 

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

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