Sunday, December 18, 2011

Do you have a plan?

Have you really thought about having a plan for staying on your healthy eating/exercising course over the holidays?  Oh there are so many blogs & websites out there that are offering LOTS of advice.  I just heard one I hadn't heard before.  If you are a drinker, have a glass of water between each drink.  I'm thinking that will help a couple ways really.   What about the one - eating before you go to the party.  Now that is a good one.  My only problem is I eat before then I get there & feel like I can just skip right to the sugar-filled yummies!  When I am asked to bring a dish I always bring my fresh veggies & hummus.  That gives me something I can eat & I won't go right to the dessert table. 

As for all you fellow exercise nuts - don't kill yourself keeping up with the schedule you normally keep for working out.  Allow yourself a vacation day or two to enjoy family & the festivities.  Get right back to it though on the 26th!  Now for me, we are taking a trip to visit family.  We will be in the car for 17 hours one way.  We hope to break up the trip to make it a little more enjoyable but that would mean 2 days of no working out for me.  When I stay in a hotel I always find the stairs & do some running up & down a few times.  My son loves coming with me.  Then we walk the halls for a little bit at a brisk pace.  Makes me feel like I did something worth while. 

I hope this season brings love & family & friends for you all.

Be Blessed & Healthy!

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