Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ready for the NEW YEAR!!

My husband and I went out today to brave the mall.  I needed to get my calendars for next year & always wait for them to go 50% off.  Whoa, it was crazy there!  My husband is wonderful to say yes to going with me & putting up with the nuts out there (me not included in the nuttiness)!!

Also, took advantage of GREAT prices on running shoes at Dick's.  I haven't tried Asics yet.  I have been a Saucony girl up til now.  They were on sale too but I thought I would give these a try.  Not keen on the colors but I think I can look past that ;-)

I also made sure to get my 2014 workout journal.  I love this one (it says running but I use it for everything).  I can log my miles & write down all I like to keep track of as well. 

Also, got some GREAT fitness gifts for Christmas this year.  I got the Beachbody workout INSANITY!!!!  I am nervous & excited about it!!  I also received a foam roller.  Oh MY!!  I can't wait to use this!

Are you ready for a new year?  What will you do this year to challenge yourself?  If you haven't thought about it, you could do that now :)  Set goals & try to go beyond. 

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!!

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Write It Down

I never realized how important writing my goals down was. 

A great motivator for me has been Chalene Johnson (TurboFire, ChaLEAN Extreme). 

Something she talks about is writing down goals & also making sure to write down your progress as well.  I have a calendar book that I keep by my workout DVD's & equipment & I log every workout & what weight I use.  What color band I use.  All of it.  How many miles I may have run, etc. 

I write down if something hurt or if I wasn't feeling right about something.  If I did reps too fast, if the weight wasn't enough or was too much.  I also put if I do pushups on my knees or toes and how many that way.  This really helps me see my progress.  I even have my own little shorthand system now.

I have also started putting my weight & measurements before I start a new program.  As you learn about me if you are new to my blog, I don't like the numbers but I do try to have them keep me on target with my goals.

I also PLAN MY WORKOUTS.  I usually do a week ahead of time but I am also usually working through a program so honestly it's already planned out for me unless I'm hybridding (is that a word?) it.  The only day I usually have a rest is Sunday.  I am gone all morning with my family at church & try to keep my focus on them during the day. 

I am a cardio JUNKIE.  I love weight work for sure but my heart soars when I'm jumping, kicking, running.  When I am doing a workout with lots of weight work I usually add in my favorite Turbofire workouts to balance my days with cardio & weight work.  Ah, just thinking about it makes me look forward to tomorrow morning :)

I hope I have helped you think about writing down your goals & workouts.  Keeping track is really important.  In the beginning it might be hard to do but once you get used to it you won't know how you went without writing things down.

How do you keep yourself accountable with your workouts?  Do you prefer weight work or cardio?  How do you keep that balance?

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Slow Progress

When I started my fitness & healthy living journey 8 years ago I had weight to lose & a lot of jiggles to firm up.  I still have jiggles to firm up & I would love to lose some more weight but that isn't my big goal anymore.

I am not a big fan of the scale.  Yes, it helps a lot of people to stay the course but it will make this girl go NUTS!  I judge by how my clothes are fitting & also what I see in the mirror.

I have noticed over the last few months I haven't been seeing a lot of change with the workouts I'm doing.  I have started making sure I'm taking some time between workout programs to settle down a bit with some yoga & stretching.  Not as much high impact, high weight work.  I think that helps.  I have also said it really helps to switch things up.  Challenge yourself, get out of the rut you have been in.

I realized today that I am seeing some slow progress.  Putting on a pair of jeans that the butt is a bit looser!  Gotta love that right? 

When we get the weight off & start working on getting leaner & firmer the progress may seem a bit slower but I know I'm getting stronger through this process and YOU ARE TOO!!

Please remember -- before you start any new exercise program to check with your Dr to make sure you are ok to start it. 

I would love to hear of any progress or plans you have.  I know New Years is always a time people want to start to get healthier, etc.  You don't need to wait!  Any day is the perfect day.  Do it for your family, your spouse but most of all?  Do it for YOU!!  I promise, you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy Birthday!!

Well, today I turned 45! 
I am proud to say that.  I feel GREAT.  I have a GREAT family. 
Things aren't perfect but I am choosing to look at my blessings. 
I decided this year I was going to start my day with a run that would be my gift to myself.  I logged 4.5 miles in today in honor of my 45th year.  My husband came along & was able to push me that last little bit that I was just hitting a wall. 
I am SO happy I did that.
What do you do for yourself on your birthday??
Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fit Moms for Life Pledge

Take the Fit Moms for Life Pledge!!!

"I will never forget that tomorrow starts today
I am ready to be my best
And to love who I am at every step along the way
I can do it
I’m worth the effort"

After you take the pledge come back & leave me a comment!!  We are all in this together.  Whether you started today or 8 years ago :)

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!!

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving (and a few other things)

Here I am!!

I took a little time off from posting because we had some guests from out of town.  My DAD & MOM!!  It was wonderful to be able to visit with them & share Thanksgiving with them as well.  They stayed with my sister (the dog friendly house - they brought their 6 dogs!!!).  That is so close though that we still got our Grandma & Grandpa fix here too.

By the way Happy Thanksgiving!!!

My parents, younger sis & her fam & me & my fam :)
Thanksgiving started out for me with a 5K.  I had decided not to pay for races anymore since my hubby & I are trying really hard to make sure our money is going toward paying of debt, etc.  My friend wanted me to run & she blessed me with this 5K.  I had so much fun running with her & cheering her on.  She hadn't run in a little while so she was concerned she wouldn't make the whole race running.  She did & I am SO proud of her!!  We can do it if we just set our minds to it & get it done. 

The rest of the day was spent cooking, visiting & EATING!!  Oh my I love food.  If you didn't guess it already there were so many healthy choices & I just HAD to make some pies that I could eat too.

I have missed a couple days of workouts for some medical issues.  I have been having some stomach problems & had some testing done (can't get my sweat on when I can't eat or drink anything!) then my husband had surgery so no workout for me yet.  I am looking forward to getting back to my regularly scheduled program.  I miss it!!

I hope you and your family & friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Anyone out there start your Christmas decorating?
 Our tree is done & the rest of the house is getting there!  Now to finish & get all these boxes out of the way!

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

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