Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's a Serving?

So often we mindlessly pile food on our plates.  We aren't even aware of what we are doing (hence the mindless-ness). 

"My eyes were bigger than my stomach".  Well, honestly with that thinking something else will be a lot bigger too!

There is a handy little label on pretty much everything (except fresh veggies & fruit of course) and when there isn't you can easily find the information out online. 

Portion control is probably one of the biggest problems I think people face when it comes to getting to a healthy weight.  Yes, you may be EATING all the right things but eating too much of them will cause the weight to stay on.  That can be frustrating. 

I started using a website called My Fitness Pal a while back.  You can log in your exercise & food intake for the day.  It really helps me see what I'm putting in my mouth and stop that mindless eating.  I make a point of making sure I log in even if I have a bite of something.  Those calories count too!  I can even see other things like sugar, fiber, protein & of course carbs.  These are important to me also.  I really would like to watch the sugar I take in & this helps.  Most days I go over because of the fruit I eat but it's still sugar. 

I know MFP has an app for you smart phone people.  I just keep the link up on my computer screen so when I have a second I can log in my information.  If I'm out then I just make sure I'm writing down what I'm eating.  I am the first one to admit I will forget if I don't write it down.

Some popular yummies you might be indulging in:
Breyers Chocolate Ice Cream - Serving Size 1/2 cup(yes 1/2 cup - is that what you put in your bowl?) 140 Calories
Chips-a-hoy Chocolate Chip cookies - Serving Size 3 cookies (hmmm -- did you just have 3?)  160 Calories
Snack size back Lays potato chips - (lets face it you will eat the whole bag) 240 Calories (the fat is 16 grams - just saying)

These are just a few things I just Googled.  You can do this too!  Check out My Fitness Pal.  It's free & worth it if you want to lose weight or just start eating better. 

If you do get on MFP look for me at ImperfectlyPamela - would love to have some friends to cheer on in your health & fitness journey!!

Do you pay attention to portion sizes? 

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

ChaLEAN Extreme 30 day Update


Today I did my weigh in & measurements.  I am THRILLED with the results. 

I started the PUSH phase today.  This is where we UP our weights.  I realized I might need a higher weight soon!  My highest right now is 15#.  That is amazing to me that I might need to get a dumb-bell higher than that.  Our reps are only at 8 now instead of 12 like the BURN phase. 

As I have mentioned I'm also doing TurboFire during this program.  I love that program. Chalene talks about having your "soul-mate workout" and I would say that one is mine.  I am also doing different challenges that I see pop up on Facebook & I run 3 days a week.  Probably about 3 miles each day. 

With all that said -- my results are:

Weight lost: 3lbs
Inches lost: 2-1/2"

The great thing about this is I lost inches in my arms, thighs, waist and chest (WHAT?).  I love the fact that there was loss across the board.  I have to say I already knew I would see this because of the way my clothes are fitting. 

Hope your week has started off great! 

What is something YOU are doing for fitness lately?

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rewarding with Food

When did it become the norm to reward with food?  I don't really recall that happening to me when I was growing up but I'm sure it did.  I find myself saying to the kids "You have been SO good today!  Let's go get a smoothie" or something like that.  Really?!  How about "Let's go play outside" or "Let's see a movie" (of course if you take a kid to the movie they will want the popcorn....). 

What about those doing well at losing weight they have been struggling to get off.  "Oh I have been SO good this cupcake is my reward".  No, don't sabotage yourself that way!  There are so many other options.  A new shirt, pants, skirt, shoes, bathing suit, etc, etc.  What about a new workout program??  Now THAT is how this lady would LOVE to treat herself!!  Hmmmm.......

As of right now I'm going to challenge myself to STOP the madness of "treating" my children to sweet foods that aren't doing ANYTHING positive for them.  Spending quality time is so much better anyway!!

What are some NONfood ways you can treat yourself &/or your children??  Can I challenge you to do the same? & come back & let me know the GREAT changes you have made.

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 4 - ChaLEAN Extreme

I keep thinking about posting an update for this new program I'm doing & then it doesn't happen.  Here you go. 

I have been doing ChaLEAN Extreme and am officially in my 4th week (just started today).  I had ventured into it with someone's hybrid schedule & while it was nice it just wasn't for me.  So, I made my own schedule & started over.  To be honest, the schedule Chalene has in her book just doesn't give me enough for my workouts.  I have added her Turbo Fire (which I have already done & LOVE) to it & it is a kickin' workout!

I also run 3 nights a week.  With my schedule with my kids etc I just can't get a run in before or after my workout so I take a little time at night and run on my treadmill (too dark out for a road run and well, we have BEARS in the neighborhood!)

I have to say I LOVE Chalene.  I love TurboFire (a clip of TF with testimonials: ) & ChaLEAN Extreme (check this video out:  ).  Her philosophy is "lift heavy or go home".  I do like that.  I have already upped my weight during this 1st phase.  I still have 2 phases to go through, Push & Lean.  I will be doing a measure & weigh-in Monday next week & will post the changes.  I can tell you right now there WILL be changes in the numbers.  I can tell just by the way my clothes are fitting.  I cheated a little bit & stepped on the scale a few times & haven't lost more than a pound but the fact that I am able to fit in a couple of jeans that I was having trouble with before is VERY inspiring.

Switching subjects:
I signed up a few months ago for a free online nutrition course.  I have just finished 3 weeks & am so excited about what I'm learning.  This past week was about Diabetes.  I had NO idea about this & am just floored at what people will put in their bodies & probably don't even realize how much at risk they are at getting Diabetes.  Very scary!

Also have a GREAT update on a friend.  A friend of mine had her 1st baby & I had offered to kind of mentor her along with losing weight & getting fit.  She took me up on my offer & is officially on her way!!  She is already a couple of pant sizes down & WOW can you see a difference!!  This is one HOT, FIT Mama!!  I'm so proud of her!!  Eating right & exercising --WORK. 

What is your go to healthy food??

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!

PS - if you are interested in ordering or finding out more about these workouts let me know.  I have some GREAT friends that are Beachbody coaches & I can get you in touch with someone) 

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Post from a Blogging Friend: Losing the Baby Weight

Well, you know me. Anything healthy, wellness, fitness & family :)  I wanted to share my blogging friend, Brittany, story about losing her baby weight.  She recently had her 1st little guy.  Check out her blog & read more.  

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Fun with the Fullwoods: Losing the Baby Weight: Let me preface by saying I, by no means, have the "perfect post-baby body". No way! I wish . But I have gotten several emails from readers ...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Even BETTER Reason to Celebrate

about 13 years ago
our fearless son - now
14 years ago today my husband & I realized our Valentines Day would be forever changed.  We had our 2nd little boy. 

Our 2 boys couldn't be more different & we are so proud of them both.

Matthew is very compassion & caring for everything & everyone.  There isn't a dog, cat or person that he doesn't just care about & would do anything for.  That makes it so much easier & wonderful to be able to give it right back to him. 

Since we homeschool (and just because I can) I gave him the day off from school.  He chose to come with me on some errands & then got to have a lazy day :)  I think he was happy about that.

Matthew - You make your Dad & I proud every day.  We look forward to seeing the man that God is turning you into & the plans He has for you!!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What's In a NAME

My blog name is Imperfectly Pamela.  Not I'm Perfectly Pamela.  Far from it. 

I thought I should mention this since someone I know & love has brought this up a couple times that it may look like I'm saying I'm perfect.  I'm not & I'm not.

As I continue on my wellness/fitness & faith journey I realize how FAR from perfect I am.  I believe there is only ONE that is, was & always will be perfect & that is Jesus.

So, come along with this totally IMPERFECT woman.  Join me in my every day journey with a life of fitness, family, faith & all else that enters in. 

Thanks for reading.

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Strawberry Picking

As I hear about a super storm hitting the Northeast right now I look out my window to a gorgeous Florida day.  Some times I just can't get over how the weather can be so different here & up north.  Some times even just a 1/2 hour away can be really different. 

(sorry about the butt shot)
Anyway, today we enjoy a day of upper 70's & went to a strawberry farm about a 1/2 hour away.  What fun!  I have never been strawberry picking.  It was easy and our box filled up FAST!  They are only $2.30/lb & those pounds add up fast when you are out there having fun with friends.  Every little plant you go to has the beautiful little red berries just asking for you to pick them......and we did.

My little girl has always been a huge fan of strawberries.  As you can see, she couldn't wait to eat them. 
I can't WAIT to eat them!!!!
Oh yes, sweet & juicy!!

I hope you are having a great day wherever you call home. 

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brain Overload

A few months ago I heard about a FREE nutrition class online.  I thought that would be a great way to get myself used to HAVING to do school work again.  (being a homeschool mom doesn't count since it's isn't me actually doing that school work :)  )  As I have said before, I really would love to get my personal trainer certification but the one thing that has been holding me back is the fear of the work & memorizing things etc.  I think this class will help with some of that.  I have to say though I'm feeling pretty dumb during parts of this class &

I am learning though.  Being in the 2nd week now I find myself remember things I have learned in previous lectures.  That makes me feel good.  Something is sticking! 

I hope I can pass on some of this great info to you too!