Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 4 - ChaLEAN Extreme

I keep thinking about posting an update for this new program I'm doing & then it doesn't happen.  Here you go. 

I have been doing ChaLEAN Extreme and am officially in my 4th week (just started today).  I had ventured into it with someone's hybrid schedule & while it was nice it just wasn't for me.  So, I made my own schedule & started over.  To be honest, the schedule Chalene has in her book just doesn't give me enough for my workouts.  I have added her Turbo Fire (which I have already done & LOVE) to it & it is a kickin' workout!

I also run 3 nights a week.  With my schedule with my kids etc I just can't get a run in before or after my workout so I take a little time at night and run on my treadmill (too dark out for a road run and well, we have BEARS in the neighborhood!)

I have to say I LOVE Chalene.  I love TurboFire (a clip of TF with testimonials: ) & ChaLEAN Extreme (check this video out:  ).  Her philosophy is "lift heavy or go home".  I do like that.  I have already upped my weight during this 1st phase.  I still have 2 phases to go through, Push & Lean.  I will be doing a measure & weigh-in Monday next week & will post the changes.  I can tell you right now there WILL be changes in the numbers.  I can tell just by the way my clothes are fitting.  I cheated a little bit & stepped on the scale a few times & haven't lost more than a pound but the fact that I am able to fit in a couple of jeans that I was having trouble with before is VERY inspiring.

Switching subjects:
I signed up a few months ago for a free online nutrition course.  I have just finished 3 weeks & am so excited about what I'm learning.  This past week was about Diabetes.  I had NO idea about this & am just floored at what people will put in their bodies & probably don't even realize how much at risk they are at getting Diabetes.  Very scary!

Also have a GREAT update on a friend.  A friend of mine had her 1st baby & I had offered to kind of mentor her along with losing weight & getting fit.  She took me up on my offer & is officially on her way!!  She is already a couple of pant sizes down & WOW can you see a difference!!  This is one HOT, FIT Mama!!  I'm so proud of her!!  Eating right & exercising --WORK. 

What is your go to healthy food??

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!

PS - if you are interested in ordering or finding out more about these workouts let me know.  I have some GREAT friends that are Beachbody coaches & I can get you in touch with someone) 

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