Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's a Serving?

So often we mindlessly pile food on our plates.  We aren't even aware of what we are doing (hence the mindless-ness). 

"My eyes were bigger than my stomach".  Well, honestly with that thinking something else will be a lot bigger too!

There is a handy little label on pretty much everything (except fresh veggies & fruit of course) and when there isn't you can easily find the information out online. 

Portion control is probably one of the biggest problems I think people face when it comes to getting to a healthy weight.  Yes, you may be EATING all the right things but eating too much of them will cause the weight to stay on.  That can be frustrating. 

I started using a website called My Fitness Pal a while back.  You can log in your exercise & food intake for the day.  It really helps me see what I'm putting in my mouth and stop that mindless eating.  I make a point of making sure I log in even if I have a bite of something.  Those calories count too!  I can even see other things like sugar, fiber, protein & of course carbs.  These are important to me also.  I really would like to watch the sugar I take in & this helps.  Most days I go over because of the fruit I eat but it's still sugar. 

I know MFP has an app for you smart phone people.  I just keep the link up on my computer screen so when I have a second I can log in my information.  If I'm out then I just make sure I'm writing down what I'm eating.  I am the first one to admit I will forget if I don't write it down.

Some popular yummies you might be indulging in:
Breyers Chocolate Ice Cream - Serving Size 1/2 cup(yes 1/2 cup - is that what you put in your bowl?) 140 Calories
Chips-a-hoy Chocolate Chip cookies - Serving Size 3 cookies (hmmm -- did you just have 3?)  160 Calories
Snack size back Lays potato chips - (lets face it you will eat the whole bag) 240 Calories (the fat is 16 grams - just saying)

These are just a few things I just Googled.  You can do this too!  Check out My Fitness Pal.  It's free & worth it if you want to lose weight or just start eating better. 

If you do get on MFP look for me at ImperfectlyPamela - would love to have some friends to cheer on in your health & fitness journey!!

Do you pay attention to portion sizes? 

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

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  1. I wanna check out My Fitness Pal...sounds awesome! You're right, portion control is so challenging, especially when eating out. It's so important though!


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