Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rewarding with Food

When did it become the norm to reward with food?  I don't really recall that happening to me when I was growing up but I'm sure it did.  I find myself saying to the kids "You have been SO good today!  Let's go get a smoothie" or something like that.  Really?!  How about "Let's go play outside" or "Let's see a movie" (of course if you take a kid to the movie they will want the popcorn....). 

What about those doing well at losing weight they have been struggling to get off.  "Oh I have been SO good this cupcake is my reward".  No, don't sabotage yourself that way!  There are so many other options.  A new shirt, pants, skirt, shoes, bathing suit, etc, etc.  What about a new workout program??  Now THAT is how this lady would LOVE to treat herself!!  Hmmmm.......

As of right now I'm going to challenge myself to STOP the madness of "treating" my children to sweet foods that aren't doing ANYTHING positive for them.  Spending quality time is so much better anyway!!

What are some NONfood ways you can treat yourself &/or your children??  Can I challenge you to do the same? & come back & let me know the GREAT changes you have made.

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!

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