Saturday, March 27, 2010

Trip to the Zoo

I love the zoo through my children's eyes. This time I got to see it through my nephew's eyes also. He was so intrigued with the elephant. Sat there taking it all in for a bit. When he was done though, he was done. On to something else. The alligator was another one. The kids just were in awe at the size of him (her?). Yet another thing to be thankful for. The children in my life. Even though some are bigger than me :-), they are still such a blessing & continue teaching me new things every day.

Be blessed!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring BREAK!!!

Ah, today was our co-op day (every Friday). We now get next week off for Easter. I'm looking forward to the time off. Of course being a homeschooler it's not really time off. There are research papers to be corrected for "Rough Draft #2, biology science projects to be put together, etc, etc. I wouldn't trade homeschooling for anything. I have to say though, some days I would just love to have those early years back and know what I know now. I feel like I took in alot of my children being younger, honestly, but maybe not enough.

So, now I will enjoy this beautiful Florida weather. I'm planning to work in my garden with my daughter, can some strawberry jam & celebrate my nephew/Godson's 2nd birthday. Nothing like it.

Be Blessed!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Still Clueless!

I have to laugh. I am totally clueless with this blogging thing! It doesn't matter how much time I spend trying to figure it all out. Still clueless! Good thing it's not a prerequisite for heaven huh?

I have found recently that God has put so much in my head and on my heart and I all the time seem to push it aside. Why is that? Is my idea better than His? Well, we all know the answer to that I hope! Why is it that I find so many other things to keep me busy and NOT answer to His call. Recently I did this and realized how much I totally regret not heeding his guidance. As my blog name states, I am IMPERFECT. I'm so thankful I have a Savior that will always love me for who I am. I pray that YOU know you have a Savior that LOVES you for who you are. Sinfulness and all. When He looks at us it's with the love of a Father that sees our beauty. The beauty in our hearts. It's there. We can't see it all the time but it's there.

BE blessed!! I know I am.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Counting calories?

Well, I have been eating well & exercising for years now. Lost 40+ lbs & feel great. I still had some more to lose though and a good friend told me about It's an awesome place where you can log your food & workouts. There is a great community on there to chat with and get great ideas from. I strongly recommend this even if you don't have weight to lose! You can even set up your own blog there.