Monday, March 15, 2010

Still Clueless!

I have to laugh. I am totally clueless with this blogging thing! It doesn't matter how much time I spend trying to figure it all out. Still clueless! Good thing it's not a prerequisite for heaven huh?

I have found recently that God has put so much in my head and on my heart and I all the time seem to push it aside. Why is that? Is my idea better than His? Well, we all know the answer to that I hope! Why is it that I find so many other things to keep me busy and NOT answer to His call. Recently I did this and realized how much I totally regret not heeding his guidance. As my blog name states, I am IMPERFECT. I'm so thankful I have a Savior that will always love me for who I am. I pray that YOU know you have a Savior that LOVES you for who you are. Sinfulness and all. When He looks at us it's with the love of a Father that sees our beauty. The beauty in our hearts. It's there. We can't see it all the time but it's there.

BE blessed!! I know I am.

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