Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well, just when I thought my children were getting better........
We got home from my oldest sons baseball game and he was just feeling horrible. We took his temp and sure enough, it was back. I took him in to the dr this morning and he now has pneumonia. Lovely. This will take him out of baseball for the week. He is VERY upset about that but we are just trying to help him see that sometimes we are told in a gentle but loving way from our God that we need to slow down and put things into perspective. Baseball was getting to be something bigger than God maybe and we need to re-prioritize you know?

Well, hopefully the weather here will get warmer and we can air this house out and start fresh again.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A New Day

Well, I have been so busy with so much other stuff I forgot to update this blog! Maybe I'm not really cut out for this :-) Anyway, I'm now blogging on It's a great site for those looking for help eating healthier & if you are already eating healthy it's great to see the nutrients you are getting and logging your exercise, etc. That's really what I'm doing. My sister is a health counseler and is trying things out for her clients and asked a small group of people to do this. It's working out pretty well. I stopped eating meat a while ago and I like seeing when I'm not getting enough of what I need (protein) so I can up my protein for dinner, etc. It's work but worth it right now.

Hopefully I will be on soon to update some more! Be Blessed!!