Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Years Eve Thoughts

This is just probably a woman rambling.  Unless I read this before pressing "publish" & decide it's just too much ;)

I have learned a few things this past year.  I hope someone can relate maybe or learn from it?  Who knows really?

At age 48 I am still learning so stinkin' much.

I am learning that my kids are quite resilient.  They have gone through some serious crap (each in his or her own situation) & they bounce back.  Eventually.  Not right away maybe.  They are also learning in all this.  I have learned that Mom the Protector doesn't necessarily need to show her face every time something happens.  Some times I just need to sit back & watch (pray, pray, pray) and be there if they need to chat or ask questions.  This makes them stronger for sure.

I have learned that I don't need a whole GAGGLE of friends.  Just one or two that WANT to hang out with me.  That totally GET me & will listen & love & just be there when/if I need them.  Those that when I share a prayer request through email or text I am not afraid of them gossiping or anything about the situation I'm going through.  They are legit.  They are the ones I can hang out with & say nothing at all & we are comfortable.  I truly love those friends.  They know who they are because I make sure to tell them how much they are loved.

I have learned there are those that vow to do something & they just don't see it through.  They take a precious situation & no sooner do the words leave their mouths but they are renigging on their promises.  This one is hard especially when it happens to someone I love.

I am learning how to be more empathetic toward people (women mostly just because - well - I am a woman!) with issues at this age.  There are those that make fun of women nearing or going through menopause.   It is certainly a subject that has many, many aspects others make fun of.   Seriously, oh the poor husbands, etc.  Really?  How about loving on the woman going through all these changes?  How about putting yourself in her place instead of just shaking your head at her when the emotions are on the edge . So many other things but really - we can embrace this time of our life & hope that our loved ones will get on board with us.  I, personally, am looking forward to the other side of this.  This is the next phase of my life that God has given me.  I look forward to what it holds.  Now if everyone can just love me through the tough times, that would be great!  I promise to do the same for you!

Woman with thyroid issues?  OH my.  I have learned there are SO many out there!!  This is a serious medical situation.  Turns out it gets worse & needs to be managed again when menopause hits.  We are talking immune system stuff here.  It will throw a body completely out of whack.  When you think you have your eating & fitness down to a science & it's working for you BAM thyroid acts up & couples up with menopause & you need to switch things up again.  It's like going back to the beginning to see what will work for you.  This may lead to adrenal issues if you aren't careful.  Adrenal fatigue is rough.  You REALLY, REALLY need to take care of your body.  REST is SOOO important.    I am still working on this part.

So I have learned a lot.  I look at my kids & am so proud of the grownups they are becoming.  I still can't believe I am old enough to have a 21 year old but hey, I am & these years are just as precious as those first few.

I have been able to learn how to enjoy the moments I have with my family so much better now.  I don't watch it from behind my phone taking pictures or video anymore.  I enjoy the moments as they are.

I hope this reaches someone.  I am appreciative if you made it through my whole rant here.  If you leave me a comment & just say 'HI" that would be great too ;)  I see people are seeing my posts but don't know who you are.

Be Blessed & Happy New YEAR!