Saturday, April 17, 2010

Book Club

Do you belong to a book club? Maybe you were like me at first and thought it would be really strange to sit around with some women that you may not know at first talking about a book. And what about if you didn't LIKE the book you read? Oh boy, then you would have to say that (if you were being completely honest, of course) and possibly hurt the person's feelings that picked the book out. Can you tell I'm a people pleaser? Yep, I am. Well, I joined a book club a while back. They were reading the "Yada Yada Prayer Group" series by Neta Jackson. Well, can I tell you I was really hooked on this series from the very first chapter of the first book. When we got to the last book it was like I was losing a connection with a family I had come to know very well. Well, then I got to see what a book club is really all about. We went to a system that we pick fiction & non-fiction every other month. That was intimidating. Non-fiction to me can be very boring unless it's something I really care about and of course the author has to be very captivating. I am very happy to say that since we have done this my mind is broadened for it. There WERE some that I just coulnd't keep my attention on. That was ok though! I wasn't banned from the group! They still love me and pray for me!! These ladies have become a very close group of friends for me. They pray for me every month and I can talk with them about just about everything! Usually when I have a problem someone in the group is able to help guide me through some thought processes about it.

So, where am I going with this? Here it is -- if you have had the thought about joining a book club -- do it! If you have had God's leading to get a group of women together and fellowship, possibly over reading a book & maybe a cup of coffee (my other favorite thing about book club) -- do it!!! My good friend started a book club that doesn't necessarily focus on Christian books so they could have an outreach to women in the neighborhood. It has really been a blessing to all who attend.

Well, this is me rambling. I love having this outlet to write my thoughts. Hope you are enjoying it -- whoever is out there reading.

BE BLESSED & HEALTHY (get out and go for a walk today! What better way to worship our God!)

BTW - This past months selection was Patsy Clairmont's "I Love Being a Woman".