Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sleep Study (preliminary) Results

I went, I slept (they tell me) and I left.  I did take a picture but to be completely honest IT IS HORRIBLE.  Therefore it will not make it here.

They put all these things on my scalp & a couple on my face, back, legs.  I was wired!!

The room I was in was like a hotel room.  Very comfy. There was a TV & that was about it. 

I waited for the man who was helping me to finish hooking up his other patient that evening (I had a later bedtime than that other person).  He came in & had an abundance of wires, gel & sticky looking things.  He put various sticky things on my forehead, temples, chin & scalp.  2 on my upper back & 2 on my shins.  I also had 2 straps around my upper chest & upper abdomen.  All these things were hooked up to wires and into a box that would help him monitor me while I slept. 

Ok, so now I am all hooked up (I do have a picture and really am not thinking I will post that.  It is horrid!).  You may wonder how in the WORLD will I be able to sleep.  Yes, I was thinking the same thing.  As well as, how in the WORLD will I be able to use the bathroom in the middle of the night!! 

As I tried to get comfy in bed with all this wiring AND the knowledge that there is a camera on me & an open microphone in the ceiling (so he can hear me if I need anything) I realized that sleep may actually come. 

It did.  I don't feel that I slept as deeply as I would have without all that stuff on me but I am pretty sure I slept a little bit.  The technician told me I did anyway so it must be true.  ;-)

When he came to wake me up in the morning ( I will spare you the trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. )  at 6am he proceeded to remove all the wires & sticky stuff.  He also told me that while I did seem to have a lot of dreams (that I remember NONE of) I didn't have any problems with breathing or anything.  He had over 800 pages of a report that the Doctor would read in a couple days & I will hear from the Doc. 

So, that was my experience.  I came away tired and a little frustrated.  Did I want to have a problem?  No but it would have been nice to have some answers to my fatigue & the snoring/gasping problem my husband says I have at night.

I am going to start checking out some other avenues to figure this one out as well.  Sinus problems & Adrenal Fatigue to name a couple.

I would love to hear from you if you have ever had any problems sleeping that you know of or that your spouse mentioned to you.  What did you do about it?

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Problems Sleeping

I have always been a night owl.  21 years ago I married a guy who loves a bed time of 8-9pm.  I'm more around 11p and sometimes later.  This has always been rough for us.  When I try to go to bed earlier I lay there & toss & turn.  Just can't fall asleep.  BUT when I go to bed later I put my head on my pillow & sleep is right around the corner.  I have always loved that.

Over the passed few years my husband has started sharing with me his concerns about my "snoring" or "funny breathing" that I do when I sleep.  My reaction?  DENIAL!  I really didn't want to hear I was snoring or doing anything "weird" when I was sleeping.

Oh - something else I should probably mention.....I do NOT wake up rested.  I wake up feeling like a MACK truck has hit me some time during the night. 

My sister has always said "My bed is comfortable & my pillow is soft".  I have always been jealous about that so finally my husband and I got an AWESOME bed that I must say is quite comfy.  You would think that would help right?  Nope, I still wake up feeling like someone beat me with a stick. 

I have been seeing my doctor lately for some other issues I have been noticing & mentioned to her about my symptoms: 
EXTREMELY tired during the day even after getting 8 hours of sleep the night before.  FEELING like I didn't get any sleep at all and feeling like someone beat me silly ;).   WAKING up with a headache that I just can't shake.  FOCUS during the day just NOT there.  EXTREMELY forgetful (which my children LOVE but my husband and I aren't diggin' at all)

My dr was concerned with these symptoms & mentioned Sleep Apnea.  I told her I thought that was just an overweight person's problem.  You see, if you have been following me - while I have lost weight & continue to try to get to my goal I am not considered overweight. 

So, she referred me to a doctor who specializes in Sleep Apnea.  I saw him yesterday & he told me I have all but 2 of the symptoms & if the insurance allowed him he would hook me up with a CPAP machine at that moment.  I do need to go through the sleep testing though & am waiting for them to get with me about an appt.

I must say I am a bit nervous but I keep thinking about what it would look like and feel like for me to wake up rested & have the energy I need to get all through the day without caffeine or some other pick me up like CARBS!!   In the back of my mind I keep wondering if the last 10lbs won't come off because of this problem. 

Bottom line is I want to continue my path to being the healthiest I can be for me, my family & to be able to do what God has intended for me to do. 

I have always said that to those who follow me & I will continue saying it.  Yes, I was in denial.  I haven't had the test yet to confirm that I have Sleep Apnea but I will go for it & see what they say.  I will continue down this path & I want to share with you what happens.  I hope you will continue to follow my progress down this road.

If you or someone you knows may think you have a sleeping disorder please see your doctor.  This stuff isn't something to mess around with.  Here is a link for a site that explains symptoms for Sleep Apnea specifically.

Do you know someone with Sleep Apnea?  How has getting treated changed their life?

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!!

Please note:  I am not a doctor OR in the medical profession.  I am just sharing my experiences in hopes this will help someone else go & seek medical advice if needed.