Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sleep Study - the (official) results

Saw the sleep study Doc today. 

He informed me I do NOT have Sleep Apnea.  Nope.  My fatigue & everything that has come with it is a mystery to him.  (no joke, that's what he said!).  

He said that one thing the test showed was that I wake up a lot while I'm sleeping.  

Suggestions?  Sleep Hygiene.  Making sure my bedroom is dark, quiet & comfy when I sleep.  If my husband says I snore on my back, do something to make it so I don't go to my back while I'm sleeping. 

He also said he would be happy if I wanted to get a 2nd opinion and to go to someone smarter than he is.  He said the Mayo Clinic or Shands come to mind.  

I am a little frustrated.  I guess I was hoping this test would give me more answers than more questions.  

I won't give up.  Planning on trying different things.  I look forward to a morning when I wake up feeling refreshed & don't feel like I need caffeine in the afternoon to keep me going. 

Do you have a loved one who snores?  What do you do about it?

Be Blessed & Sleep Well!!