Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear Imperfectly Pamela -

**An oldie but a goodie - posted 7/11**

Dear Imperfectly Pamela -
I often find myself judging people that I see sitting in fast food restaurants that are eating things maybe they shouldn't be and they are overweight. How can I stop doing that?
Signed - Judging Judy

Dear JJ -
Let's remember that God made us all in HIS image. While His image is perfect, WE have free will (ack!). None of us is made exactly the same. We all have different things that may tempt us or things we have troubles saying no to. It's unfortunate yes but instead of judging that person, pray for them. Pray that whatever might be the reason they are overweight that God would show it to them & help them to overcome. Some of us are emotional eaters. When the stress gets high, we eat (I know this from experience). The satisfaction of eating whatever we shouldn't outweighs (no pun intended) the disappointment afterward.
Imperfectly Pamela

Think about your life. Is there something that just drives you crazy that you do and know or wish you shouldn't/wouldn't? Anything you feel like sharing?

Personally - around 2-4 in the afternoon I have a MEAN sweet craving. I have stripped my kitchen of all things bad & that forces me to go for the better-for-me stuff. I just need to keep in mind that too much of that isn't a good thing either.

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

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