Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Countdown has started!!

Oh my!! Did you know that there are only 15 more days until CHRISTmas!!?? Oh my!! I was at church last night talking with someone about our singing schedule & realized how close it actually is!
We are blessed to be visiting my dear sister & her family this CHRISTmas. I am SO looking forward to seeing them & hanging out with my sister. This is the sister that is my accountability parter with our working out & eating. It will be nice to be LIVE while doing these things.
So, the presents are bought & waiting to be wrapped. We are going to be packing very soon & making last minute arrangements for things. All the while remembering what this time is about. I love this time of year. I love the images of Jesus as a baby.
A little tiny, vulnerable baby. Needing the love & care of Mary & Joseph. I love that God loves ME so much he sent His son here for ME!
So, what are you doing to get ready for CHRISTmas? Are you traveling or staying put?
What are some of your CHRISTmas traditions? I would love to know!!
Be Blessed & Healthy!!

Just wanted to share our CHRISTmas tree with you!!  We call it "Goliath".  Yes there is quite the story behind it.  The short version is it's VERY tall(haha).  Over 9 ft.  There is really only one spot in the house for it besides the middle of the room :)  We just love this tree & it will be able to handle every homemade ornament my children want to make or buy for it.  The lights are colored & so peaceful when we turn all the lights off at night and just leave the tree lit.  I love this time of year.  Did I mention that? 


  1. Your tree is beautiful! I love this time of year too...this is my our first married Christmas so it feels extra special. I'm your newest follower...enjoying your blog :) would be so grateful if you stopped by ours too!

  2. Thank you! I love our tree. AT night I turn off all the lights & just look at it. Just very peaceful.


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