Monday, February 24, 2014

Moms need a break too!

I am many things & one of them is a Mom.

I love that job.  It can be very tiring though.  There are moments I feel horrible that maybe I haven't said the right thing or even gave the right look.  There are kids that just crumble when you yell & then kids that wait for you to yell before listening (and even have no problem telling you that!).

I have been a mom for over 18 years.  I wouldn't trade one minute of it for anything.  I would though, make sure I got more Mom time away.  Even just a few hours of GUILT FREE me time.

I (we?) tend to feel guilty when taking those moments away from home.  We really do need them though.  It's great to just get energized by hanging out with friends & doing something we just wouldn't do on our own.

I got that opportunity when my friend over at The Not So Perfect Housewife invited me to go see a preview of the moving coming out "Mom's Night Out".  This movie was SO FUNNY!!!!

At first I was a little worried when the security guy came out & was explaining anyone with a cell phone out would have it confiscated & be asked to leave because they didn't want anyone recording anything.  Big time stuff people!  They were serious too.  He had this night vision thing he was looking through during the movie.

After the first few minutes though that was forgotten because we were just laughing our butts off!  Being just a week out from my surgery I was seriously thinking I would pop a stitch.

Check out the trailer here:

and the good part?  They didn't put all the funny stuff in the trailer :)  The movie has a great message & leaves you feeling refreshed & really knowing that all we do for our families is worth it & noticed.
So, those days you just think you can't take it anymore, know there are others out here having the same problems.  We have either been through it or are going through it.  If we have already been through it we may be able to offer some words of wisdom or even just a ear to listen.  Reach out to a friend & fellow Mom. Let's make sure we are here for each other!

Oh & you MUST schedule that Mom's Night Out!!  This movie comes out May 9th but don't wait that long!  Check out their Facebook page too:  Mom's Night Out

When was your last mom's night out & what did you do?  Share share share!!

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

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