Monday, January 6, 2014

Goals, New Program

Happy New Year!! 

Ok a little late but still coming from my heart!

I was a good girl last year so Santa (hubby) got me Insanity (Beachbody program).  I am thrilled & got started this morning after finishing ChaLEAN Extreme for the 3rd time. 

Today was the Fit Test & was only about a 1/2 hour long.  I was concerned this would not be enough for me because I normally workout about 1-1/2 hours - 2 hours depending on what I'm working on. 

This Fit Test was INCREDIBLE.  I have to say it had me huffing & puffing & really needing that 60 second rest in between.  I am very impressed with how well I did.  Truly I didn't think I would be able to get any good numbers during this test. 

I'm looking forward to this workout.  I am also looking forward to doing the Fit Test again a few times during the program to see how I'm progressing. 

Before doing these programs I usually take measurements & my weight.  The last time I did that was in April 2013.  I am not happy to report I have had some increase in inches (3-3/4") and gained about 3lbs.  I'm not concerned about the weight gain at all but the inches I don't like.  I do have to say though my clothes don't feel any different so that has helped me not be too down on myself.

I do know the problem area for me is food.  Not the type of food but the quantity.  I always justify the amount I'm eating by saying it's healthy food & my workout was killer.  Calories are calories.  Doesn't matter how you look at it. 

So, on to goals.  My goal presently is adjusting my amount of food I eat during the day.  Especially in the late afternoon & evenings. 

Another goal I have made for myself is not to be afraid to make new friends.  I find myself a little standoffish lately with new relationships.  I don't want to be that way.  I believe people are brought into our lives for a reason & if I can bless someone or the other way around, well far be it for me to stand in the way of that!!  I started yesterday & am very glad I did.  I had a cup of tea with wonderful woman & my daughter got to play with her daughter for a while.  A blessing all the way around.

So, have you made any new goals for 2014?  What did you choose to do?

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

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  1. I can pretty much say I did the same as you! Started The Asylum today and it almost killed me! Haha! Also decided to make better food decisions.

    1. Great minds!! The food thing is probably my biggest hurdle right now. I know I can do it and SO CAN YOU!! :)

  2. You go girl! Sounds like great goals!! Love the one about new friendships!!
    Love ya!


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