Friday, April 25, 2014

Miles for Melanoma

I don't know that there is anyone that Cancer hasn't touched.

Both my Grandmas had it.  My father-in-law had it.  My cousin had it.  Friends have had it.

Let's be a little more specific though.  What about Melanoma?  A deadly skin cancer.

I have a good friend that had it - Stage 3C.  I say had it and I mean she is BEATING IT!!  

Her story is here:

When I say she is a fighter that is putting it mildly.  She continues to have to go through the hell of blood work, port and all kinds of testing & then having to wait for the results to come back.  The experimental drugs they used to beat this demon has kicked her endocrine system in the butt.  Please go & read her story.  It is truly amazing.

Now on to why I'm writing about this amazing friend & warrior.  On September 21st they are having the "Miles for Melanoma".  You can walk, run or crawl but would you join me please in walking or running for my friend Sandy "Sandy's Warriors" or someone else that is fighting or fought this horrid disease?
2013 Sandy's Warriors -- Miles for Melanoma

Would you consider registering & running or walking & raising money OR maybe you could help but  giving a monetary donation?  Please see her donation site:

Please join me as I support my friend & honor all those who have fought & won & fought & lost their battles.  We can help end this horrid disease.  Let's do what we can.

My fundraising page is:

Be Blessed & Live Healthy and please DON'T FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN.  EVERY DAY.  RAIN OR SHINE!!

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