Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Aches & Pains

We all get them.  Even fit & healthy people have those aches & pains right?

I have some that seem to just like to get better & come back.  Plantar Fascitis anyone?  Muscle pulls?  Anyone else hold all their stress in their shoulders & neck? 

Yeah, I keep saying that my chiropractor (Dr Jen) & athletic trainer friend (Coach John) both help keep me moving.  This is really no joke. 

I am learning so much about how the body works through my own issues and this is empowering.  Why in the world would we want to go to someone & just have them give us meds without finding out WHY these things are happening & try to change them first.  (I do realize meds are important for many different things.)  I had someone recently tell me that I wasn't doing the right thing for myself by not going on meds for some lower back pain I was having.  Well, I went the route of finding out WHAT was causing the pain first.  Then I called my 2 favorite people (mentioned above).  They both had their suggestions.  As I talked with them I realized something.  All my tight muscles & pain problems are happening up the right side of my body.  I am also realizing my core is not as strong as I thought it was.  (Core being from your hips up to your chest -- NOT JUST ABS) 

I went & got some great stretches to do & some good exercises as well.   It's not an overnight fix but nothing worth it is really.  I want to have a healthy, strong body and I know this route is the right one for me.  

So, lower back pain?  Let's check those hamstrings & glutes, etc & make sure we are stretching after workouts.  Lower back pain?  Let's see what we are doing to strengthen that core. 

I feel extremely blessed to have these 2 people I can go to & talk with about what is happening with me.  They know how much I love to run & workout & they tell things to me straight.  They know I want to learn so I can not only help myself but help others that may need it too. 

Don't take your body for granted.   Ask questions.  If you aren't comfortable with an answer get a 2nd opinion.  It's YOUR body. 

Do you have a recurring injury?  

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

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