Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Favorites - resistance bands

These are GREAT for taking on trips!!  I remember a couple years ago going away & I had a bag that was atleast 26lbs with some of my weights in it.  I think the bellman almost wrenched his back!! 

I love these bands.  They come in different resistance levels.   Don't get me wrong they don't take the place of my weights on a regular basis but these are worth every penny spent on them.  I have a few workouts that use them & I love finding new exercises I can do with them.   The resistance band with handles is quite handy too!!  You can find that one at Walmart for under 10$ I believe.

Have you ever used resistance bands?  Tell me how you used them.

Be Blessed & Healthy!!


  1. I love resistance bands! I like tying them and putting them around my ankles for some great thigh toning moves. I also hook them to the top of the door and get some awesome back exercises. They are great and portable!

  2. I also tie them & do the thigh workout. LOVE that. Chalene does that in Lower 20. One of my go to leg workouts.


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