Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Favorite - Log Book

Years ago I decided to have an accountability partner for my workouts.  It helps a few ways.  For one, there is NO slacking if you have a good accountability partner!  She keeps me honest for sure.  Second, it helps me see I'm making progress.  I have also found that when I injure myself I can make notes about that as well & that comes in handy. 

I have since started a log that I write in each day (you can purchase a caledar with space enough to write in or just use a regular notebook).  What workout I do, if I don't do a workout, if I get hurt or something is feeling crampy during that workout.  There have been times I realize I may have focused more on cardio or strength training too & need to readjust things. 

So, here is my Friday favorite.  My fitness log book.  Just like writing down what we are eating all day long (including snacks) it's important to keep a log of workouts if you don't stick with one program in particular.  I also put down how the workout felt.  If I pushed it.  If I felt particularly challenged with it.  Don't forget, if you are using weights, write down what you used.  That way the next time you do that workout you can see your progress

I hope to start writing down the calories I burned during my workouts too. 

Tell me something you do to help hold you accountable.

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!

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