Saturday, July 10, 2010

Prayer for my family? I'll pray for yours!!

Does your family need prayer? Mine does. Even on the good days we do! I love to watch what God does in my life always. I meet with 2 wonderful ladies once a week and we just pray for each other. They lift me up all the time and I can feel it. We are all at different places in our lives with our children and they are just so wonderful.

Well, today my Grandmother died. She has been slowly declining and this was expected. Really though. Even though you KNOW someone is close to death, it still hurts. She was a wonderful woman. I'm not just saying that either. She & Grandpa gave us a place to live when I was younger when we couldn't afford anything else. She was always giving us things that she would pick up at a yard sale because she thought of us. Now, being a teenager we wouldn't appreciate it as much but now looking back? She did it because she loved me and was thinking of me! That means so much. Her love was unconditional for sure. No question in my head. She never judged me. Just loved me. That's all. Now she is dancing with Jesus in heaven & seeing her sweet husband, my Grandpa. Please pray for my family as we mourn the loss of this sweet woman & also as we all figure out our travel plans.

My husband's niece has a beautiful little girl. Her name is Lilybelle. She is not even 2 months old and had heart surgery 2 days ago. Today she took a turn for the worse and was put back on all support & given a blood transfusion & a spinal tap. They are checking for viral meningitis. Please pray for her and her Mommy & Daddy. They need all the prayers they can get right now.

My Aunt Diane was diagnosed with cancer. We are pretty sure it's Stage 4. Problem is Aunt Diane won't talk with anyone right now so we don't know what the dr said for sure. The tumors started on her ovary and just spread all throughout her abdomen. WE call her Aunt. She has been Mom & Dad's friend since middle school. I'm probably closer to her than any of my other Aunts!! Please pray for her and Uncle Nick as they have decisions to make. I don't know here her walk with Jesus is right now. They just need prayer.

Well, that's it for now. I know, that seems like enough huh? If you need prayer, please comment on this post. I will pray for you. I promise. We need to be there for each other. God is there for us every second of every day.

Be Blessed & Healthy!!


  1. Dear friend,
    Praying you have a safe trip and a wonderful time with your family giving honor to your sweet grandma!!

  2. Thank you Mikki! Knowing all my friends were praying me through helped ALOT!! What joy to know she is in Glory with Jesus!!


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