Sunday, May 8, 2011


After seeing some clips from the Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate it really made me do some thinking & remembering 18 years ago May 8th.

I couldn't imagine having my wedding day broadcast all over the world for everyone to see & critique. Really!! The things that happened. The bestman was a little green from the rehearsal dinner/party the night before. The maid of honor had a scary moment when she realized she didn't have the grooms ring (thankfully just left out in the limo!). The funniest thing that I can think of right now about the whole thing? As we were waiting for the moment to start the procession my attendants (that sounds so fancy) were really sweating. My lovely maid of honor decided she didn't want sweat stains on her dress so she put panty liners under her arms inside the dress!! Ok, when I think of that it just makes me giggle & I realize it helped to calm my nerves a bit that morning.

I think though now about the way my groom looked at me as I was walking down the aisle. I think about how his father read the readings for us during this special time. As he is now in heaven with Jesus, it's even more special. So many things that made our day perfect. May not have been perfect for others who were watching but perfect for us.

I hope that Kate has special memories of their day yesterday that will stick with her for many years to come. I hope they are putting God at the center of their marriage so it will be 3 stranded rope strong. Yes there are problems & times couples grow apart. I believe though that with God being in the middle of it He will show the way we are to go and we will be stronger for it.

Happy Anniversary to my groom of 18years. I love you!! xoxo

Be blessed & healthy!!

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