Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Prep

Ah, Christmas is upon us.  There are so many yummy foods to look forward to right now.  My family follows a Polish tradition for Christmas Eve called Wagilia.  Ours is a 7 course meatless meal that, may I say, the older I get - the yummier it gets :)  Nowadays even that has to look different for me with not being able to eat gluten.  We have soups, noodles, perogies (YUM!), fish and a very scrumptious apple rice strudel.  That is just ONE meal! 

We also have a cookie tradition.  We make lots of them & have cookies platters coming out our ears.  That is what I have been working on lately.  Making cookie doughs so this weekend I can bake.  I also made banana breads today.  We like to hand out cookies plates to our neighbors & special people in general :)  I am really looking forward to that part.  The giving :)

We are also invited to our neighbors on Christmas Day.  REALLY looking forward to that!  Usually we are the ones to have lots of people over for the different holidays.  We get to be guests this time.  It's something to get used to but I think I can handle it.

Christmas Day we have a Happy Birthday Jesus cake that I found a recipe for a long time ago.  It's cute the way there are different colors that mean different things throughout the cake & we talk about them with the children gathered.  It's fun for sure.

So, this is just the Christmas stuff.  I won't get into the New Years Eve meals :) 

My plan, and we definitely need a plan, is to continue my workout schedule maybe with some adjustments so I can still enjoy my family time.  I won't be skipping any meals.  That doesn't work AT ALL in regards to weight loss.  I will be good about my portions also.  The cookies?  Yeah, I might have to run a little longer to run a few of them off but I will schedule that also.

What are your Christmas traditions?  Anything that goes way back in your family?

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!

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