Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry Christmas & other things

Well, Merry BELATED Christmas!  We had a lovely Christmas & was getting ready to be part of a friends wedding and we got hit with a flu that took my family of 5 DOWN hard!  Sheesh.  My oldest got it first & usually he can be sick & no one else will get it.  Then my other son got it, then my daughter & me and now my hubby.  It's taking a while to get over it but I can honestly say I feel the upswing happening. 

Christmas, as I said was lovely.  Christmas Eve we had our yearly Wagilia traditional dinner at my sisters then we went to church.  Christmas Day after opening presents & just relaxing we walked next door for a fun time at our neighbors house.  So much fun to have neighbors you can hang out with and just be yourself!  We have a few of them & are so blessed!

Thursday was the rehearsal for a friends wedding & my daughter was asked to be one of the flower girls with her little friend being the other.  We were so excited.  Then we woke up the next morning with 103deg fevers.  WHAT??!!  I'll be honest I was in COMPLETE denial.  I don't get sick.  This flu wasn't being discriminatory at all.  All day I walked around with a pit in my stomach that my little girl wasn't going to be able to do what she had been looking forward to for so long AND I felt like we were letting down our friends.  My prayer since then is that they are healthy & well on their honeymoon.  I found out other friends from church have also fallen to this bug.  Just nasty.  A friend asked if we had gotten our flu shots.  I can be honest -- I have never had a flu shot.  Ever.  I just always felt that my body could build up resistance huh?  Well, after this I may rethink that!!

Today is my beautiful princess' birthday.  I can only post this picture because of how sick we are, she just wouldn't have any other picture posted :)  She loved getting her little girly presents & playing for a little while with them. 
We are looking forward to bringing in the New Year healthy & blessed. 
What are some things YOU are looking forward to in this New Year? 
Be Blessed & Healthy!!!!

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