Sunday, September 22, 2013

Every Day Choices


Every day there are choices we have to make. 

For most of us it starts with getting out of bed!!

I have found lately that I'm tired.  I'm getting enough sleep (for the most part) but I'm just tired.  When we get tired we tend to make some food choices that just may not be the best. 

I have found lots of people do "prep" work on Sunday with their food.  They cut up veggies & prepare meals for the whole week!  That way it's easy to grab & go.  I was reading a blog about salads she made in a Mason jar!!  She prepped 6 of them for the rest of the week!  They stay fresh in the jars.  I'm thinking THAT might be a cool way to prep salads.  That is one of the things that drives me batty is getting all the salad stuff done.

I find myself eating breakfast a lot on the run.  I realized this morning while eating on the way to church, what kind of role model am I being?  My oldest son does the same thing now.  I watch him make his food & take it with him. 

I'm not saying this is necessarily bad but I am realizing how much they pay attention to what we do as parents. 

You know that saying about not going food shopping when you are hungry?  How true is that??!! 


I am living proof that making changes to my food habits & exercising work.  Every morning I get out of bed I need to make that choice.  I need to make the choice on what I'm going to eat. 
-I choose NOT to buy the stuff I shouldn't have.  That way it's not tempting me at all. 
-I choose to make sure I'm drinking PLENTY of water every day. (Your weight divided by 2 in ounces) 
-I choose to make sure I'm getting enough sleep (7-9 hours a night).
-I choose to make sure I'm getting LOTS of veggies & some fruit in EVERY DAY.
-I choose to make sure I'm not starving myself by skipping meals or light snacks.  We shouldn't go more than 3 hours without something little.  A few nuts, an apple.  Doesn't have to be fancy :)
-I choose to make sure I have time EVERY DAY to exercise.  Even if it's just going for a walk.  I have seen over time this is a GREAT stress reliever.

Is it easy?  Nope. 

Is working out every day hard?  Some times. 

Is it worth it?  100 times over -- YES YES YES!

What are some healthy choices you have made lately?  Have you noticed a difference?

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

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  1. What has really helped me with the salad prep is to wash and cut up the lettuce, put it in a lettuce dryer, then bag it in ziplocs. I also peel carrots and leave them whole and put those in ziplocs. I do the same thing with celery. If I have broccoli or other veggies I wash and keep them in ziplocs too. That way throughout the week it is so simple to make a salad by just putting everything already cleaned into a bowl.


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