Friday, April 10, 2015

What's All The Hype About?

Miracle weight loss pills.

Wraps that will slim you down & keep you that way (if you keep wrapping -- and paying for it!).

You can be firm & fit in 21 days!!

Um, no.

We all get drawn in to something like this at one time or another right?  (please say yes ;-) )

I was drawn into this not too long ago.  I have been enjoying my healthy lifestyle for over 9 years.  To me that means eating right & exercising.

Recently I was tempted and gave in.  I saw those wraps that you can wrap around the part of your body that you would like to be slimmer.  I saw those before & after pictures that were unbelievable.  At first I just ignored it.  Then I saw people I knew doing it.  People I knew were getting results from this.  Can you guess what happened next?

I was invited to try it.  For only $15.00 I could try this & see results.  I realized I had my son's wedding coming up fast & my dress is a beautiful, long, slim fitting dress.  Can you get what I did?

Yes, I tried it.  I paid the $15.00 and had someone wrap a piece of what looked like plastic (with nice smelling lotion on it) around my mid section.  I sat & visited with some wonderful ladies for 45+ minutes while I "cooked".  A picture was taken before the wrap and then again after the wrap.  I saw no difference.  Then I was told I needed to take another picture in 3 days because it will keep working.  Oh & drink alot of water during this time.

Water?  No problem.

Results?  None.
Ok, to be fair we saw something.  Shadow?  Who really knows.  I am a skeptic, for sure.

I realized after doing this that I was glad I did.  I also realized that when I have a doubt about something it's OK not to go with the flow & do it.  I can take a step back & continue my course -- That by the way - is working.

I have lost weight & inches.  I am healthy & gaining definition in all areas.  Definition that will stay with me & not go away in 3 days because I need to "re-apply". 

I am not saying I don't believe these wraps didn't work for the other people.  I'm sure they did.  I wanted with all my being to say "why not try the healthy eating & exercise way?".   Ok, I did say that but in my opinion it fell on deaf ears.

So, all the hype?   It's everywhere.  Pills, wraps, even workout programs.  Bottom line is we need to be good to ourselves.  Put healthy food in & get your body moving.  THAT is what will work.  Getting results the right way.

The proof hard work pays off.
Have you fallen for any "hype"?  What was your temptation?  

Be Blessed & Live Healthy

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