Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snacking (and snacking and snacking....)

There is a new humming sound in the house. It's not the vacuum (ha!). Yes, it's getting warmer here but it's not the A/C either. It's our dehydrator!!! My oldest son found out we had one (collecting dust on a shelf in the laundry room) and went nuts with it. I have to say I started getting a little jealous that he was using it so much and enjoy the "fruits" of his labor :) I have to say though, I'm impressed!! Trying to get him to eat fruit most of the time is rough. He is old enough to be able to get his own food but sometimes needs to be prompted to eat his fruits & veggies. This gadget is just the thing! He dries his fruit and bags it up and takes it to baseball practice or games. The guys in the dugout go nuts for the stuff too (depending on what he dried). I needed to get in on the action so today I'm drying some bananas & zucchini!! I'm really excited about it. Maybe A will enjoy the zucchini too?! Who knows but it's worth the dry (heehee)

As for the snacking title. Yes, I am a snacker. I don't eat the 5 little meals a day that some say is important. It's hard enough to get my 3 good meals in to be honest with how busy I am. My snacks have to be healthy & filling for me. My favorite is brown rice cakes w/almond butter (or natural peanut butter with NO sugar or sweetener). If I do need a sweet thing I will put some raisins (golden are my faves) on top with the nut butter. Yummy!! Now I might have to say the dried fruit & veggies are my new faves. We'll have to see......

Leave me a comment! Let me know what your favorite snacks are!!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

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