Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy TURKEY Day!!

Well, you would think Tom Turkey would be safe around here since I don't eat meat but I'll tell you the rest of my family are carnivores! So, Tom Turkey BEWARE!!
What are you planning for Thanksgiving? What are some of your traditional dishes? We have a butternut squash to DIE for. It's like dessert for sure! I'm allergic to sweet potatoes (WHAT?) so can't have them on the table. We don't really miss them though with this sweet dish. We also have a cranberry relish that is really yummy. My sisters mil gave her the recipe & I have to say it's a fave in my house too!!
Well, enjoy your Thanksgiving with family & friends. Let's pray for our men & women in the services fighting for the freedoms we have.
Be Blessed & Healthy! (just get back to the healthy Friday morning(-: )

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