Monday, November 28, 2011

Shopping & other things

Ah, so Monday, that is CYBER Monday. Anyone taking advantage of the deals? I have to say anything I got today online was NOT a Cyber Monday deal. I must have done it wrong because something was actually $5 MORE today than it was yesterday on Was a little bummed because I figured if anything it would be cheaper today. I already had my cart ready to go and figured I would wait for today to "checkout". Oh well. I can honestly say that we are done with our shopping -- ok for the most part - for Christmas. Oh if my children knew I would get them EVERYTHING they wanted if I could. My next step is to go through my little girls room to weed out things she doesn't play with :) Good luck with that one huh?
How did you do for Thanksgiving this year? I stuffed myself but feel like I made good choices. I still ate pie but made sure I stayed away from the things I HAVE to stay away from. Sugar was definitely the problem this time around though. I need to get to my happy place that I'm not craving it like I am now.
I managed to work out over the weekend too. I got in short workouts & if you include the Black Friday 100 miles I walked the stores then WOW what a workout I got in that day!!
How did YOU do with your eating/exercise? What are your plans now for this week getting back on track? Don't let the holidays ruin all the good work you have done!!
Be Blessed & Healthy!!

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  1. Higher level skaters end up developing great core strength and find that they feel like they have just had a core workout after learning new jumps on the ice as they have to rely so much on their core workout. It isn't until you are quite advanced that your core strength REALLY starts to develop.


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