Monday, March 26, 2012

Act of Valor (The movie)

My hubby & I had a date night this weekend & saw "Act of Valor".  Normally I don't like to see rated R, shoot'em up movies but this one was different.  While I still didn't like the language & blood it was different some how knowing this stuff really does happen.  There are men & women somewhere fighting for our freedoms.  They put themselves in the places they are in.  They are intelligent, strong, selfless people.  Leaving their families to protect us.  It really was an incredible movie.   NOT a chick-flick at all.  I'm sure you figured that out.

(still really not sure how to put movie clips here so I just put the link - thanks for your patience!)

The theater was next to empty.  Maybe 6 total.  I'm thinking it was because of that other big movie out right now.  Some little thing called "The Hunger Games".  :)  We don't get out very often to see movies.  It's so expensive so we usually wait until we can get it in the bargain bin at the local Walmart.  This was worth the money spent for sure. 

Be Blessed & Healthy!!


  1. We aren't the movie type either. I'd much rather just watch them at home on the comfort of my couch. And that was even BEFORE we got the 10' projection screen theater room. Now it's a no brainer unless I really absolutely HAVE to see a movie as soon as possible (which is quite rare).

  2. I'm with you Nicole. We do have a big movie screen & projecter that we set up but we have to be careful with what we watch. The house is small & the younger kids need to be able to watch too.
    Thanks for your comment!! Pamela


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