Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hungry For Change

Check it out!  You can watch it for FREE for the next 9+ hours.  If you watch the little clip I think you will see why I think this is something to watch.  My friend over at The Not So Perfect Housewife has blogged about it today too with some info from the movie. 

I feel very strongly that what we eat affects us body & mind.  We need to get control of our eating habits.  People call things a "treat" but really?  what are you treating?  Think about the long term effects of the food you are eating.  Add just 1 veggie per meal or per day then after you are used to it add another.  My goodness you will start craving the good stuff for sure!! 

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!


  1. Thanks for the info. I'll watch the film. :)

  2. Nice! I have been struggling w/ some cravings lately so this will help! Thanks for visiting my blog! Just stopping back to show some love as well


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