Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Ok, I have begun the program P90X.  I have had the DVD program for quite a while but never actually did it with the schedule that comes with it. I have to admit.....I was nervous.  I have decided I need to mix things up a bit & give it a try.  I took BEFORE pictures and plan to take AFTER pictures & I will post (maybe) if there is a big difference.  I'm looking forward to it & I LOVE seeing how I am getting stronger with it and I'm only in my 2nd week! 

I have been working out for over 5 years now & have gotten to a level where I felt I was in a rut.  I like this program right now because I can up my weight & push myself to challenge myself.

Do you workout on a regular basis?  What do you do to challenge yourself? 

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!


  1. My sister in law and brother in law did P90X and SWEAR by it! Their before and after pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Wish we had the discipline to do it...you go girl!

  2. Hi Brittany!! Thanks! I have to tell you though. I was just reading your blog & after all that food I think I need to go back & do more :) I am SO loving your updates!!


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